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Elisabetta Meggiolaro

Elisabetta Meggiolaro

BIM lead, Clark Nicholls Marcel (CNM)


Design, Construction, Structural, Digital


My highlights

More than 10 years’ post-qualification work in the UK and three years in Italy

Worked on wide range of buildings, in education, health, residential and listed buildings

Became an ICE Technician member in 2019

A day in my life

I wake up early to cook dinner for the evening. I take my children to school and I get to work by scooter.

In the office, I usually have a coffee and a chat with my colleagues, after which I'm ready to start my day.

I review drawings prepared by junior staff under my supervision. I check out structural 3D models against other consultants for co-ordination. I answer and send emails. If necessary, I arrange meetings or catch ups with co-workers.

In my lunch break, I go to my yoga class.

When I come back, I spend time creating and editing structural drawings.

Finally, I review the programme with the line manager to make sure the deadline is met.

I prepare the tasks for the next day, and then it’s time to leave the office to go home to spend time with my family. Dinner is ready!

My career inspiration

Santiago Calatrava is one of the civil engineers I admire the most because the buildings he designs are inspired by nature and its movement – how trees stand, how animals run, how humans open their arms, etc.

In my spare time I like drawing in pencil, and it’s nice to know that when you represent a person, for instance, you have to know his/her skeleton perfectly and how the masses are linked together.

It's the same for structures - you have to think about frame and connections.

We asked Elisabetta…

What’s one great thing that you love about civil engineering that you didn’t know until you started working in the industry?

Always finding new and different ways to design a project. Being creative.

Which civil engineering myth(s) would you like to bust?

Civil engineering is a world dominated by men. This is not true.

Many female students choose this career path and do a very good job in their work.

Diversity in the workforce is improving. The industry just needs to learn to take women seriously.

Qhich civil engineering project (past or present) do you wish you’d worked on?

The Eiffel Tower, because it was controversial at the time of construction but is now admired by everyone in the world.

What about being a civil engineer inspires you?

Thinking about solving problems.

Would you recommend a career in civil engineering?

I think it’s creative and you can bring new, different, and useful things into a project.


Master’s degree in architecture and construction engineering in Italy.

Worked in Italy as structural designer and in the UK as CAD lead on a wide range of complex projects under construction.


Taking environmental issues into consideration when working on a project, in terms of quantity of materials and impact in the community, and so on.