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Laura Clegg

Laura Clegg

BIM designer, Tony Gee and Partners




United Kingdom
My highlights

Getting my EngTech qualification

Finishing university

Watching SAS/13 be installed

A day in my life

My day-to-day work consists primarily of delivering on multidisciplinary rail schemes.

I’m typically responsible for producing the 3D models and drawings throughout the project.

I also support my office with its BIM development.

This role includes being a BIM mentor for some of our junior staff through their progression all the way to their end point assessments (EPAs).

I’m also a contact for day-to-day software queries across the office.

There are lots of opportunities and varied work to keep you busy and interested.

I would recommend a career as an engineering technician because…

There are lots of opportunities and varied work to keep you busy and interested.

We asked Laura…

What motivated you to become a professionally qualified Engineering Technician with ICE?

It was something that Tony Gee encouraged me to do to support my professional development.

Which individual project or person inspired you to become an engineering technician?

I was interested in the industry and an apprenticeship was most suitable for me. This allowed me to be involved in technician work which I enjoyed.

Complete this phrase: I’m an engineering technician, but I’m also…

A BIM designer.

What does EngTech MICE / EngTech FICE status mean for your career?

It shows a level of understanding and expectation to be able to carry out my job with the needed skills and knowledge.

Which civil engineering project (past or present) do you wish you’d worked on?

The Randselva bridge.

Name one engineering technician myth you’d like to bust.

That we are just ‘tracers’. Technicians play an important role in developing designs and bringing them to life prior to construction.

Laura's career path

I joined the industry in 2016 on a level 3 apprenticeship. It took two years to complete BTEC, then I sat my EngTech straight after.

I started my level 6 apprenticeship in 2018 and I’m nearing completion. I plan to sit my EPA in 2024.