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Sebastian Kreft

Sebastian Kreft

BIM designer, Tony Gee and Partners


Project Management, Design


United Kingdom
My highlights

Travelling all around the UK, gaining insight on training and development

Going on secondment in one of our international offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Working on the Transpennine Route Upgrade

A day in my life

My day-to-day role mostly consists of delivering multidisciplinary rail schemes throughout the UK.

I do also dedicate time to provide training to staff as well as research building information modelling (BIM) development where applicable.

I primarily work with Microstation and Projectwise, however I also use other softwares such as AutoCAD.

EngTech, to me, shows my capabilities and understanding which will help me gain recognition internally and externally.

Which individual project or person inspired you to become an engineering technician?

I originally had a week of work experience with Tony Gee where I saw the dedication and enthusiasm of the office director. This inspired me to dedicate myself to the industry and start my apprenticeship.

We asked Sebastian…

I would recommend a career as an engineering technician because…

It offers great career development and enables you to meet people from all sides of the industry, which can help alter your career path.

What motivated you to become a professionally qualified Engineering Technician with ICE?

My inspiration for becoming professionally qualified was my work with apprentices throughout my time at Tony Gee.

As one of their mentors, I want to help inspire them by setting an example and being able to assist them in reaching EngTech.

Complete this phrase: I’m an engineering technician, but I’m also …

office BIM champion.

What does EngTech MICE status mean for your career?

EngTech, to me, shows my capabilities and understanding which will help me gain recognition internally and externally.

Which civil engineering project (past or present) do you wish you’d worked on?

Duge Bridge in China.

Name one engineering technician myth you’d like to bust.

That technicians purely produce drawings. We don’t only help coordinate the project, but also help change the design.

What advice would you give someone considering becoming EngTech MICE / EngTech FICE?

I encourage people to strive for EngTech to show they are a competent individual and strive for further development within their career.

Anything else?

I like to stay active by going gym and enjoy hiking. This year I am planning on picking up an outdoor sport to make the most of the weather during my secondment.

Sebastian's career path

I joined Tony Gee in 2015 as an apprentice.

I studied a BTEC level 3 in civil engineering, then a Higher National Certificate (HNC) Level 4 and Higher National Diploma (HND) Level 5, both in civil engineering.

Afterwards I focused on my career development within my role and then applied for EngTech.

Major projects

Field House: a bridge reconstruction scheme.

The footbridge is located on the Transpennine Route Upgrade which means the line underneath it was being electrified.This meant the underside of the bridge had to be raised to allow this.

As BIM lead, I was involved in design meetings internally and externally. I was in charge of producing the models and drawings for the civil side of the scheme and coordinating with other disciplines to avoid clashes and ensure the accuracy of our design.

Wyre Viaduct: a six-span arch viaduct carrying the two electrified lines.

As BIM lead, I provided a series of drawings and models along with construction methodology for waterproofing improvements in collaboration with the P-Way alignment changes.

Although the engineering design of this job was relatively simple, the geometry of the 3D was very tricky and the standard unit used kept changing.

I researched ways to mitigate the amount of time spent on modelling.

Ashton Under-Lyne Station: reconstructing the footbridge, tunnel and station platform.

I was involved with all three elements of the reconstruction, and appointed BIM lead for the footbridge and waterproofing works.

This project allowed me to work in a larger team of engineers and BIM members which required good communication and helped me gain experience with various parts of both construction and design.

I was also appointed ProjectWise administrator to help coordinate the drawings and models throughout the project as well as externally.