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Subhan Waheed

Subhan Waheed

site engineer, Balfour Beatty


Construction, Design, Project Management


United Kingdom
My highlights

Getting professionally qualified as an Engineering Technician (EngTech)

Leading teams working on building major projects

Working on projects that enhance the environment

A day in my life

As I’m a civil site engineer, every day is different.

It can consist of:

  • briefing team members;
  • setting out, where we outline where construction will take place onsite based off the design;
  • carrying out topographical surveys to assess the features of the land;
  • creating as-built drawings capturing the project post construction; and
  • carrying out quality checks to ensure work has been carried out to the specification.

Everyday there are unforeseen problems which I will have to solve to continue building.

On the other hand, I also attend university one week every month where I purely focus on the academic side of civil engineering.

An apprenticeship allows you to progress and advance in the best and quickest way in the industry.

I chose to do an apprenticeship because...

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I like being hands on.

Plus, I can be practical as well as learn in a classroom environment.

We asked Subhan…

What would you say to anyone considering a civil engineering apprenticeship?

If you’re considering a civil engineering apprenticeship, I would urge you to go ahead and apply.

An apprenticeship allows you to progress and advance in the best and quickest way in the industry.

By taking part in an apprenticeship, you will get to play a part in teams working on some major projects.

Not only does it allow you to progress, but you get academically qualified debt-free.

Name one civil engineering myth you’d like to bust.

Civil engineering isn’t just calculations. There’s much more to it, such as management, quality control and research and development.

What about being a civil engineer apprentice gets you out of bed each morning?

The fact that we’re part of projects that leave a legacy.

We work to improve and maintain the environment around us, and ultimately, we give back to communities by building them to be better places for the generations to come.

Complete this phrase: I’m a civil engineering apprentice, but I’m also…

I’m a sportsperson, an adventurer, and a family man.

What’s one great thing that you love about civil engineering that you didn’t know until you started working in the industry?

Just how important a role we play in society as engineers.

Which civil engineering project (past or present) do you wish you’d worked on?

The Tarbela Dam. As it’s in a remote location and is one of the largest dams on Earth, I imagine it would’ve been really interesting to be part of the project.

What motivated you/is motivating you to become a professionally qualified Engineering Technician/Incorporated Engineer with ICE?

Being a civil engineer is a rewarding career in itself, and you can demonstrate what you know and are capable of by becoming professionally qualified.

This is something that motivated me, as it’s a career milestone that emphasises your level of expertise.

I’ve now got my Engineering Technician qualification with the ICE (EngTech MICE) and I’m working towards Incorporated Engineer (IEng).

What does/will EngTech MICE/IEng MICE status mean for your career?

It means that my skills and knowledge as an engineer are recognised all around the world, which ultimately opens up opportunities for me to work in other countries!