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Case study

Cory Riverside Energy: A Carbon Case

20 July 2017

A peer review study by the Carbon Trust for waste management company Cory Riverside Energy compares two alternative ways of dealing with waste and their environmental impact.

Cory Riverside Energy: A Carbon Case
Waste management: the Cory ‘Green Highway’ on the River Thames.

The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions from waste is the purpose of this 30-page comparative study. Two scenarios are analysed:

  • conversion of waste into electricity with waste transported by road and river
  • disposal of waste to landfill with waste transported by road

Reducing carbon emissions

A consensus has emerged that diversion of waste from landfill is fundamental to reaching a circular economy and reducing emissions.

The purpose of this paper is to capture the impact Cory Riverside Energy has on reducing UK carbon emissions with respect to alternative energy generation and waste management pathways.

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  • Claire Miller, Marketing and Communications Manager at Stantec