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ICE library recommendations on sustainability

03 March 2020

Every month the Library chooses a selection of top titles, journals and books on an important civil engineering topic. This month’s subject is sustainability - building lasting infrastructure that takes the needs of society and the environment into consideration is at the core of civil engineering. 

ICE library recommendations on sustainability
Climate Change Strategies and Management

Braham, A. (2017): Fundamentals of Sustainability in Civil Engineering
(CPC Press)

This book is an introduction to the subject of sustainability and its three pillars – economics, environment and society. Supported with case studies it covers the application of sustainable principles in the four major areas of civil engineering, structural, geotechnical, transportation and environmental, as well as look to the future and its challenges.
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Climate Change Strategies and Management

Tam, V., Le, K.(2019): Sustainable Construction Technologies - Life-Cycle Assessment
(Butterworth -Heinemann)

This book takes a holistic approach with a view of making projects sustainable and cost effective in the long run. It is designed as a tool for practitioners, illustrated with cases studies and discussions of regulations and standards and covers subjects like water and energy use, sustainable procurement, transport, indoor environmental quality, lean management and BIM.
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Climate Change Strategies and Management

Kubba, S. (2017): Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction: LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes

This practical handbook provides an introduction to the three main sustainability standards LEED, BREEAM, and Green Globes, clearing up myths that green buildings are more expensive or green materials are difficult to sources. Apart from chapters on sustainable materials and construction processes, the book also includes chapters on BIM, contract management and green business development.
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Climate Change Strategies and Management

Emerald Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

The journal highlights integration between innovation and sustainability, featuring articles on holistic problem solving and decision making through community engagement, collaborative system and product development, smart and sustainable design, construction, and operation of new and existing built facilities, sustainable development processes, management of information, communication and education of sustainability principles and skills.
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  • Annette Ruelhlmann, Librarian at Institution of Civil Engineers