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  Member prices
Journals UK Non UK Online
Civil Engineering      
All members (except graduates and students) Free £22 Free for all members except students at
Graduates Free on request £22
Students £18 £18
Civil Engineering Special Issues      
All members (Issues: St Petersburg and From Research to Practice) £21 £21 £16
New Civil Engineer (NCE) - weekly      
All members (except students) Free £150* Free for subscribers at
Students £50 £150*
New Civil Engineer International (NCEI) - monthly      
All members (except students) £50 Free Free for subscribers at
Sudents £50 £50

    Member discount prices
  Number of issues E-ONLY UK Print & Online Rest of World Print & Online
ICE Publishing Engineering Journals        
Advances in Cement Research 4 More Issues 10 £48 £66 £69
Dams and  Reservoirs 3 £34 £48 £50
Environmental Geotechnics  4 £60 N/A N/A
Geosynthetics International  6 £59 N/A N/A
Geotechnical Research Gold Open Access * FREE FREE FREE
Géotechnique 12 £66 £88 £92
Géotechnique Letters More Content * £42 N/A N/A
Infrastructure Asset Management  4 £53 N/A N/A
International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics More Content 4 £32 N/A N/A
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science 4 £55 N/A N/A
Magazine of Concrete Research  24 £87 £114 £120
ICE Specialist Engineering Journals (formerly ICE Proceedings)        
Bridge Engineering   4 £34 £50 £52
Construction Materials 6 £35 £50 £52
Energy 4 £26 £35 £36
Engineering and Computational Mechanics 4 £25 £35 £36
Engineering History and Heritage 4 £26 £35 £36
Engineering Sustainability 6 £35 £49 £51
Forensic Engineering 4 £25 £35 £36
Geotechnical Engineering 6 £44 £61 £63
Ground Improvement   4 £29 £41 £43
Management, Procurement and Law 6 £30 £42 £43
Maritime Engineering 4 £27 £40 £41
Municipal Engineer 4 £26 £37 £39
Structures and Buildings  more content 12 £66 £84 £87
Transport More Content 6 £35 £51 £52
Urban Design and Planning 6 £31 £44 £45
Waste and Resource Management 4 £27 £35 £37
Water Management   6 £44 £57 £59
ICE Science Journals        
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials 4 £53 N/A N/A
Emerging Materials Research * £53 N/A N/A
Green Materials 4 £53 N/A N/A
Nanomaterials and Energy * £53 N/A N/A
Surface Innovations 4 £53 N/A N/A

* Continuous publication

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