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An ICE Northern Ireland member recieves a Quest scholarship

If you're doing an engineering apprenticeship, degree or higher qualification, there's a lot of support you can get while you're studying.

You can start by becoming an ICE student member for free (which is always great news for students).

Once you've become a member you'll be eligible for a number of awards and scholarships, aimed at recognising your achievements and helping you through your studies.

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How can ICE student membership help you?

  • Get career advice - We're here to help and give you all the advice you need. From explaining what's needed to become a professionally qualified engineer or technician, giving you information on the opportunities this can open up, to details about events near you
  • Connect with professionals and meet people like you - Our free events give you the chance to build up a network of contacts, meet potential employers and get advice from experienced civil engineers. Our local groups organise events on everything from the finer points of constructing a tunnel, to pub quizzes and five-aside football tournaments
  • Learn online - We have a huge online database of books, journals, papers and archives for student members to use. We also run interactive webinars, and many of our lectures are recorded so you can watch them when you want
  • Visit us or ask us a question - When you're in London, you can pop into our specialist civil engineering library, the biggest in the world. Or, if you need to find something out quickly, Ask Brunel – we've never received a civil engineering question that was too tough
  • Become eligible for awards and scholarships - Our QUEST scholarships can help you with with the cost of studying (up to £2,500 per year!), whilst our awards recognise outstanding achievements by students across the UK every year

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Student awards and scholarships

Our awards and scholarships go to students who are at various stages of their education.

As well as showcasing your skills and ability, they're a good way to impress potential employers. Plus the cash prizes could come in very handy for the rest of your course.

Use the tabs below to find out what’s available.

QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award

To apply for the travel award you must:

  • Be an ICE student member (and have been a member since the December prior to your application)
  • Be studying in the UK
  • Be travelling after completing at least one year of your current course and after 1 June (no later than six months after your course end date)
  • Not already have received more than three ICE QUEST awards

Funding can be awarded for IAESTE placements, but not travel directly linked to your course.

Find out more and apply

Applications for 2017 are now open until the deadline of 24 March 2017..

You can apply for group or individual funding between 10 January and 24 March 2017 (please note that all group members on the application form need to meet the award criteria).

Individual applicants must fill out an application form and ask a referee to complete a reference form.

If you're submitting a group application, you must nominate one member to fill out the application, while all members need to ask a referee to complete a reference form.

Applications forms must emailed to and reference forms to before the deadline of 24 March 2017.

To find our more, contact the QUEST coordinator:

e: t: +44 (0)20 7665 2193

Start planning your trip now, apply early next year and you might just get the funding you need.

Previous recipients

Peter Donald received a QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award to fund his trip to Malawi
Peter Donald received a QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award to fund his trip to Malawi

I travelled to the Mulanje region of Malawi with Students for Malawi on their emPower Chisitu project to construct off the grid Hugh Piggott style wind turbines.

Malawi has very limited access to energy and the majority of the country is off-grid. The projects aim was to construct turbines to produce energy so that the locals did not have to burn paraffin to power their homes.

My favourite aspect of the project was the challenge of working somewhere with limited resources, limited access to energy and no guarantee of being able to source the necessary components.

The scholarship provided by the ICE allowed me the opportunity to meet people and work on projects which have impacted me personally. My involvement in these projects has changed the direction of where I see my civil engineering career going and is an experience that every young engineer should go through.

ICE Student Prize

Winners get a cash prize of £250 and an ICE certificate of merit, presented at either their graduation ceremony or ICE regional awards event.

Course leaders play a big part in this prize as they put forward potential winners. The prize takes into account:

  • Talent in engineering design
  • Impressive coursework
  • Strong examination performance

Can I be nominated?

To be in with a chance you need to be a current ICE student member doing a JBM-accredited civil engineering degree.

More Information

To find out more please contact the education and learning administrator by either:

t: +44 (0)20 7665 2147

Previous winner

Kuok Hin Chan
Kuok Hin Chan, previous Student Prize winner

I’ve been studying civil and structural engineering at the University of Aberdeen for over three years.

I was awarded the ICE Student Prize for my coursework performing a structural analysis on a temporary office building, and suggesting remedial actions for its repair. I really enjoyed this project as it was a great opportunity to deal with a real-life civil engineering problem.

Winning the prize has meant a lot to me. It recognised my abilities in civil engineering design, has really motivated me in my studies, and has encouraged me to follow this career path when I leave university.

QUEST Technician Scholarship

QUEST scholarships are a sign of excellence. This means you'll be recognised for your abilities and potential, which looks great on your CV, as well as receiving financial support of up to £1500.

Applications are currently closed for 2016 but will re-open on 09 October 2017.

To apply you must be:

  • Starting or continuing your studies from autumn 2017
  • Studying a qualification in the UK that could lead to technician membership. This is usually one of the following:
    • A BTEC Level 3 Diploma or Extended Diploma
    • A HNC or HND
    • A foundation degree

You can apply if you're a full or part-time student, an apprentice, or studying on release from an employer.

To be in with a chance of being awarded a QUEST Technician Scholarship, you should be:

  • A good leader
  • A good team player
  • Ambitious
  • Able to think and act independently
  • Determined

Find out more

Please email or call +44 (0) 7827891502 for more details.

Annual Reports

If you have been awarded a scholarship, as part of the award conditions you will need to provide an annual report and a final report when you finish your course. This year you will need to submit these by 20 October 2017, to the QUEST co-ordinator via email -

Previous recipients

Daniel Nugent, QUEST Technician scholar
Daniel Nugent, QUEST Technician scholar

I’m studying a HND in Civil Engineering part-time at the University of Kent and working at the same time. The experience I get at work gives me a better understanding of the engineering principles in my course.

I enjoy learning so much that I'm going to do another course soon – in bridge inspection at the University of the West of England.

Winning the scholarship was one of the proudest moments of my life. My colleagues and family also think it’s great that I’m featured on a flyer promoting the award. It's even more recognition for my achievement.

QUEST Undergraduate Scholarship

As a QUEST undergraduate scholar, you'd get:

  • £10,000 over the course of your study
  • Paid work placements every summer
  • The potential for a full-time job with a leading civil engineering or construction company when you graduate
  • Experience, knowledge and the badge of an ICE QUEST scholar, are good for your CV and your career – especially if you want to become an incorporated or chartered civil engineer

The majority of the scholarships are funded jointly by QUEST and a sponsor company but there are a few fully funded by QUEST or the CF Lunoe Trust.

Applications for 2017 are now closed. Application for 2018 will open in March 2018.

Eligibility for 2018

To be eligible you need to be starting a full time accredited Civil Engineering undergraduate degree in a UK University in September/October 2018 and have predicted A level grades of ABB or higher. Your subjects would preferably be in maths and science or design based subjects. To check your course is accredited visit the JBM website

The application

A strong application is key for this scholarship. All the applications are considered by the QUEST Committee, a mix of academics and industry representatives looking for:

  • a passion for civil engineering
  • academic ability
  • a real understanding of what it means and the disciplines involved
  • an understanding of what are the challenges now and in the future
  • leadership qualities and potential
  • dedication to civil engineering
  • determination and ambition
  • strength of character
  • initiative
  • examples of successful team working
  • evidence of any relevant work experience

The interview day

If your application is successful you will be invited to the grand QUEST interview day on Friday 7 September 2018 at ICE London which you must attend. If you are unable to attend you will be unable to continue with the process. However, arrangements/adjustments will be considered for candidates with learning difficulties or physical disability. Please let us know on your application.

How to apply

Details will be available in March 2018 for 2018 applications.

Current QUEST scholars only - Annual & Final reports

Please ensure your annual or final reports are with us by 20th October 2017.

Please follow links below:

QUEST Undergraduate Annual Report 2017
QUEST Undergraduate Annual Report guidance notes
QUEST Undergraduate Final Report 2017
QUEST Undergraduate Final Report guidance notes

Got a question - please email or call 07827 891502.