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International recognition

Recognition designed to take you places. ICE membership is internationally recognised as a mark of your engineering skills, knowledge and experience.

ICE membership and post-nominals after your name denoting your professional qualification on your CV opens up opportunities to work globally, demonstrate your professional excellence, and continue developing your competence.

How does ICE support you?

No matter where you are in the world, you can connect with our global network of civil engineering professionals. Not only that, ICE and the Engineering Council are parties to a range of international agreements which can help you work globally.


Meet other professionals, including world-renowned civil engineers. With ICE Representatives in 80 locations outside the UK and members in over 150 countries, you’ll have access to like-minded peers near you.

Lifelong learning

Get support for your ongoing development, with our mentoring scheme, additional qualifications, case studies, best practice documents and industry-leading events. There are also scholarships and awards that you can apply for, and competitions that you can enter.

Knowledge hub

Access a wealth of digital knowledge available through the ICE Learning Hub (exclusive to ICE members only) and our website, including online lectures and webinars.

Advice and guidance from ICE

Many countries have a legal requirement to be registered in order to practise in the civil engineering profession. This must be obtained in addition to ICE membership, although in some cases, graduates of a UK-accredited course, or professionally qualified members will benefit from a streamlined route to registration.

Our staff at [email protected] can provide advice about registration in certain countries and may be able to assist if you're having difficulties with the registration process. We'd also like to hear from you about your experiences – positive and negative – so we can improve our advice to members in the future.

Please visit our dedicated pages for more information if you are planning to work in Canada and the USA.

For other locations, check out our interactive map.

Furthermore, there are other opportunities based on the different stages of your professional journey.