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The Panel for Historical Engineering Works (PHEW) was established to promote an understanding amongst civil engineers, and the broader public, of our rich engineering heritage.

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  • Chirk Aqueduct

    Last Inspected: 30 JUNE 2015 | Place: Chirk | Built: 1796 to 1801

    A tall masonry aqueduct, possibly the first to have longitudinal walls in the spandrels and cast iron bed plates below the canal

  • York Minster central tower underpinning

    Last Inspected: 2 JUNE 2015 | Place: York | Built: 1970c

    An intricate operation to underpin one of the largest surviving mediaeval buildings in Europe, which was suffering from differential settlement. 3000 tons of concrete cast around the central tower ...

  • Transporter Bridge

    Last Inspected: 25 FEBRUARY 2015 | Place: Newport | Built: 1902 to 1906

    One of only three transporter bridges remaining in Britain

  • Balkerne "Jumbo" Water Tower

    Last Inspected: 21 FEBRUARY 2015 | Place: Colchester | Built: 1882 - 1884

    Prominent brick arch/pier water tower

  • Berney Arms Windmill

    Last Inspected: 1 JANUARY 2015 | Place: Reedham | Built: 1865

    A 7-storey windmill, the tallest marsh mill in Norfolk, converted to use as a drainage engine

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