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Digital strategy insights from the Environment Agency

Karen Alford, FCRM Manager - Asset Data & Information at the Environment Agency, tells us about the latest digital transformation experiences at the organisation.

Karen Alford, from the Environment Agency.
Karen Alford, from the Environment Agency.

In the digital age, it's becoming increasingly important for all of us to consider ourselves data custodians, so that we can get best value from data and deliver better outcomes to society.

Recently, the Environment Agency (EA) has been putting a lot of effort into digitising previously analogue information and data and applying a common digital transformation strategy.

In the podcast below, ICE's Ben McAlinden talks to Karen Alford, FCRM Manager - Asset Data & Information at the EA, about the organisation's digital transformation journey and how engineers can help make the national digital twin initiative a reality.

The discussion covers:

  • The EA approach to digitising its asset base.
  • How digital transformation has played out across the built environment.
  • How improved data sharing can enable plans for a national digital twin.
  • The role of engineers in improving data sharing.

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