Conduct policy

Being a qualified ICE member shows that you work to the highest professional standards. Following a shared code of conduct helps the public to put their trust in civil engineers. It also increases respect for the profession.

Members who breach ICE's Code of Professional Conduct, or any of the ICE By-laws, could face disciplinary action.

If you think that an ICE member may have acted outside of our Code of Professional Conduct, please let us know. You can download the guidelines for making a complaint about the conduct of an ICE member.

We regularly review and update these rules to make sure they are relevant.

To assist members to provide appropriate terms of engagement to lay clients or where small works are involved, ICE is providing a template package consisting of an offer/acceptance letter and standard terms of business:

Download our template package

Members should adapt this according to their circumstances.

Please also see: The Institution of Civil Engineers (1997) Agreement for Consultancy Work in Respect of Domestic and Small Works, London: Thomas Telford Publishing.

Ethical issues

ICE also provides advice on ethical issues our members may come across at work.

Members must follow the guidance on bribery and corruption, and equality and diversity. However, the other advice is not a compulsory part of our Code of Professional Conduct.

More conduct advice for members

More information

Read ICE's policy on the implications of legal action against managers and engineers, and guidance to ICE directors, employees and committee chairmen on Contempt of Court issues.