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Royal Charter, By-laws and regulations

The current Royal Charter and By-laws of the Institution of Civil Engineers came into effect on 30 October 2023. They incorporate amendments approved by a ballot of Corporate Members on 11 July 2023 and allowed by the Privy Council on 30 October 2023.

Promoting the profession

Our charter outlines our commitment to promoting civil engineering around the world as part of our charitable aims. ​

We are a voice for civil engineers and those working in infrastructure to promote the importance of the work they do for society. 

We qualify engineers working in infrastructure to maintain their competence throughout their careers to create safer infrastructure for society

We offer trusted, impartial advice to politicians and decision makers on how to build more sustainable, resilient infrastructure.

Our charter today

As times change and the profession develops, we sometimes need to update our charter and By-laws. When we do this, our members and the UK government need to approve any changes.


Find out more about our history

The ICE's library is one of the world's largest dedicated civil engineering libraries. It hosts thousands of current and historical works relating to civil engineering. It also holds a wealth of information on both the ICE's history, and that of our members.

Discover our library

Do you have any questions?

If you have a question regarding our governance or need some advice, our team are here to help you.