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ICE Wales Cymru


ICE's work in Wales Cymru is carried out by volunteer members on various committees and groups. These bring together like-minded people and give members the opportunity to increase their knowledge, get advice and raise the profile of civil engineering in Wales Crmru.

Regional committees and branches

ICE's work in Wales is carried out by members on various committees and groups. These bring together like-minded people and give members the opportunity to increase their knowledge, get advice and raise the profile of civil engineering in Wales.

Find out more about the committees and groups, including who's involved and how you can get in touch.

ICE Wales Cymru is governed by its Main Committee and Executive Board. These committees decide its priorities and plan the work it will do. The main committees are supported by elected sub-groups and branches, which you can find out more about here.

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Lilli Crämer Chair
Neil Reynolds Senior vice chair
Vacant Vice chair
Vacant Vice chair
Peter Burns Past chair
Keith Jones FICE ICE Wales Cymru regional director
Luke Cook Honorary secretary
Stephen Lawrence Honorary treasurer
Ellie Thomas Chair's future leader
Victoria Shattock Technician member
Michelle Cockburn Membership manager for ICE SW & Wales
Lucy Guitton ECNet chair
Palvi Rupalia ECNet representative
Ngozi Orgi-Chukwu ECNet vice chair
Katrina Mckenzie ECNet secretary
Rhys Cotterell WW&SC club ETC chair
Ifan Rowlands North Wales branch chair
Andrew Basford North Wales branch vice chair
John Mather North Wales branch honorary secretary
Beth Griffiths North Wales branch ECNet chair
Stephen K Jones PHEW rep
Jarmila Davies REG chair & hon secretary
Rhian Watts TEG representative
Niall McBride TEG hon secretary
Ken Evans MEG chair
Paul Keeble MEG hon secretary
Sam Theophilus GEG chair
Pip Slattery GEG vice chair
Mohanned Al-Massaied GEG honorary secretary
Tara Sirati FIRC chair
Rhiannon Humm FIRC vice chair
Annwen Laskey FIRC hon secretary
Dean Bromham West Wales & Swansea City club chair
Chris Pratt West Wales & Swansea City club hon secretary
Chris Pratt West Wales & Swansea City club vice chair
George Lance Regional Council member

Other members: Adam Johnson, Michelle Russ, Carl Miles, Claudia Currie, Nicholas Bill, Simon Wanklyn, Neil Williams, Kate Bennett.

The ICE Wales Cymru North Wales branch is responsible for organising events and activities in North Wales. It has a separate Executive Committee. ICE Wales Cymru North Wales Branch meetings are held monthly, usually at Abergele, with an AGM in the Spring of each year.

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Ifan Rowlands Chair
Andrew Basford Vice Chair
Michelle Davies Junior Vice Chair
John Mather Hon Secretary
Beth Griffiths GSAT Chair
Elain Jones GSAT Vice Chair

The ICE Wales Cymru ECNet Committee represents ICE members in Wales, who are working towards their professional qualifications at technician, incorporated and chartered grade.

The group organises meetings for members to talk about their work and interests, and to share knowledge. It holds meetings to help members who are preparing for their Professional Review and arranges events (including talks and lectures) to promote the civil engineering profession

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Ellie Thomas Chair
Lucy Guitton Vice Chair
Baineeshe Surdhar Secretary
Adrian Mak Treasurer
Theo Wallwork GSNet Rep
Rhys Cotterell Chair, ECNet West Wales & Swansea City Club
Beth Griffiths Chair, North Wales Branch GSAT

The West Wales & Swansea City Club will meet on a regular basis to hold discussion groups, webinars and meetings on a variety of civil engineering projects and matters of interest. Topics and speakers that are of particular relevance to West Wales will be sought.

The aim of the group is to promote the depth of skill and innovation in the West Wales and Swansea City area. Many of the events will be online and so can be accessed by a wide audience.

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Dean Bromham Chair
Chris Pratt Vice chair & hon secretary
Rhys Cotterell GSAT chair

Special interest groups

The Wales Cymru special interest groups (SIGs) focus on particular aspects of civil engineering. The groups are run by members on a voluntary basis, and provide an opportunity to discuss topics, share knowledge and meet up for social activities.

If you would like to get involved with any of the SIGs in Wales Cymru, please contact the relevant chair.

The Ground Engineering Group organises various activities throughout the year and co-hosts events with other engineering organisations in South Wales.

If you'd like to find out more about the group, please email the Chair, Sam Theophilus:

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Sam Theophilus Chair
Pip Slattery Vice Chair
Jak Canham Treasurer
Mohanned Al-Massaied Secretary

The Municipal Engineers Group (MEG) promotes the specialist area of municipal engineering in Wales. It holds meetings every two months, to plan the events and provide an opportunity for members to discuss issues related to municipal engineering.

One of the highlights of MEG's annual calendar is the Brunel Lecture, which is held every October at The Orangery, Margam Park. The group also organises a CPD seminar.

For more information on MEG, please get in touch with the Honorary Secretary, Stewart Burgess, on [email protected].

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Ken Evans Chair 
Stewart Burgess Honorary Secretary

The Retired Engineers Group provides an opportunity for retired engineers in Wales to stay involved in the profession and with ICE.

It holds various networking events and also prepares consultation responses. Its meetings are normally held on the first Monday of every month at the ICE Wales Cymru Offices, Cambrian Buildings, Cardiff Bay. The group's events can be found in ICE Wales Cymru Calendar.

If you'd like to find out more or to get involved with the group, please email the Honorary Secretary, Dr Jarmila Davies,

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Jarmila Davies REG Chair and Hon Secretary

The Transport Engineering Group organises networking opportunities, learned society events and consultation responses for engineers working in the transport and transportation sector.

Meetings are generally held every two months at the ICE Wales Cymru Offices, Cambrian Buildings, Cardiff Bay. Evening lectures and learned society events can be found in ICE Wales Cymru Calendar.

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Rhian Watts Chair
Niall McBride Honorary Secretary

The Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Group is responsible for raising the profile and sharing best practice of fairness, inclusion and respect, as well as facilitating and supporting the embedment of fairness, inclusion and respect as a factor to be considered in all activities undertaken by ICE Wales Cymru. Its mission is to promote and oversee the delivery of The Institution's vision for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect:

"Valuing the diversity that individuals with differing backgrounds and abilities bring to the Institution; respecting all members and applicants through fairness, tolerance and consistency of professional standards; ensuring that professional qualification and membership of ICE is open to all who meet its standards."

Contact: [email protected]

Name Position
Tara Sirati Chair
Rhiannon Humm Vice-Chair
Annwen Laskey Secretary