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Our mission and work

ICE promotes civil engineering and supports the people who work in our profession. It's also important for us to keep telling the public about what civil engineers do - because without them our world would be very different.

OUr mission and work

Learn more about our aims, and about the people leading us so we can achieve them.

Why were we formed?

We have three main roles:

  • To qualify civil engineering professionals and give them the tools they need to continue to develop.
  • To help the industry learn more and share our knowledge so we can maintain the natural and built environment.
  • To promote the contribution that civil engineers make to society worldwide.

How we want ICE to be seen

We aim to be:

  • A highly respected organisation which qualifies not just civil engineers but other professionals working in the built environment around the world.
  • An independent voice that uses the expert knowledge of our members to influence government policy and help the industry progress.
  • A trusted source of advice, guided by our members' high ethical standards.
  • An organisation whose members are passionate about being part of such a rewarding profession and about inspiring the next generation.
  • The professional engineering association that other world organisations and institutions turn to for help in tackling global challenges.

Do you have any questions?

If you have a question or need some advice, our team are here to help you.