• Professional review preparation

    EngTech MICE: How to Prepare for your Technician Professional Review, Manchester

    • 21 July, 2017

    The workshops will provide an overview of the requirements for the professional qualification of Engineering Technician with Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

  • Professional review preparation

    2017 Professional Review Preparation Workshops, Hong Kong

    • 22 July, 2017

    A series of training courses, including writing skills, are planned to follow the CPR process through the cycle of preparing the submission, presentation, interview and written exercise, providing detailed specific advice in a timely manner.

  • SCE and delegated engineers

    Supervising civil engineer and mentor approval briefing, London

    • 24 July, 2017

    A briefing by your local ICE Membership Development Officer for those currently undertaking or looking to get involved in: the role of the Supervising Civil Engineer (SCE) on a company approved training scheme; the role of a Mentor for alternative routes to membership.