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Membership Guidance

Our extensive range of online resources will help you discover how to become a member of ICE and support you on your way to professional qualification.

Introduction to ICE Professional Qualifications

ICE offers a range of options to help you become professionally qualified as an Engineering Technician, Incorporated or Chartered Engineer.

Our short introductory video will help you find the option that's best for you.

When you know which one to pursue, choose the options below for more detailed advice.

Or, if you need some guidance on your next step, get in touch with the team at our Membership Support Centre.

VIDEO: Background to ICE Professional Qualifications by Dr. Donna Surgeoner MEng CEng MICE.

VIDEO: Background to ICE Professional Qualifications by Dr. Donna Surgeoner MEng CEng MICE.

Membership Streamlining

During 2021 and into 2022 ICE is launching clearer and smoother pathways to achieving a professional qualification

For information on what the changes mean for candidates seeking professional qualification, and those supporting them towards that goal, you can access detailed guidance through the tile below that is relevant to you.

When you select the relevant tile you will see dropdown lists for advice that contains:

  • Guidance for those who have completed IPD or who are completing it in 2021, and who aim to undertake a Professional Review in 2021
  • Guidance for those whose IPD is ongoing, and for those who have not yet started it, and are seeking to undertake a Professional Review from 2022 onwards

Please ensure that you select the relevant information depending on when you plan to undertake and complete IPD, when you make an application for or will sit your Professional Review, or, on who you are supporting towards their goal.

Membership support and guidance

Whether you're just beginning your studies or an apprenticeship in civil engineering, are working towards professional qualification, or are operating at the top of the profession, you'll find advice and guidance to help you.

Discuss your membership options with us today

For expert advice on your next step to professional qualification, our Membership Support Team are here to help.