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Submission of Structural Engineering Data for Approval under Part A of the Building Regulations

An ICE Structures Expert Panel paper, on the concerns with current Building Control submissions and the potential effects on structural safety.

Submission of structural engineering data under building regualations
Submission of structural engineering data under building regualations

Who wrote this?

John Carpenter and Barry Ayres, Structures Expert Panel


Created August 2014, updated June 2015


To highlight the issue of poor quality and lack of engineering judgement in some Building Control Submissions and offer guidance on acceptable submissions to Structural Engineers.

Who should read this?

Structural Engineers and anyone likely to be providing structural safety data to Building Control


This paper outlines examples of poor practice when submitting engineering data for approval under Part A of the Building Regulations. It offers guidance to Structural Engineers to ensure they maintain an adequate standard, examining the components of an acceptable submission. It looks at essential competency standards that should be followed to help engineers to protect the health, safety and welfare of those in and around buildings.

Related information can be found on our Approved Document A briefing sheet.

For more information, please contact structures@ice.org.uk

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