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CityZen 2023 mentor guide

The ICE CityZen Award is designed to inspire young people 16-18 to follow a career in Civil Engineering. It supports STEM subjects, including Design and Technology and Geography curriculums at GCSE and A-Level and is mapped to Gatsby career benchmarks.

CityZen 2023 mentor guide

Content type: Classroom / group activity

Last updated: 18 June 2023

Author/s: ICE

It is designed to be run within an extra-curricular or co-curricular club, based around our ground-breaking new game CityZen.

Participating in the award will involve:

  • Playing 4 rounds of the CityZen game
  • Creating a short video as a competitive team project

This document is designed to give you everything you need to support a participating club successfully, with minimal preparation on your part.