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Development objectives

Please note that the period to use Development Objectives to complete your Initial Professional Development (IPD) has now expired.

Development objectives

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Support for transferring to attributes-based IPD

Candidates still need to meet the same high standards, but the attributes-based IPD approach is more straightforward than following the development objectives as it aligns with the requirements of the Professional Review (which is also based on the attributes). This also means that candidates can progress more quickly from completing their IPD to sitting their Professional Review.

We have a range of support and guidance to help you if you want to make the transition to attributes:
The attributes
Attributes webinar
Attribute achievement form
ICE Training Scheme guidance (for attributes-based Training Agreements)
Career Appraisal webinar (for attributes-based Career Appraisals)
Career Appraisal guidance (attributes)
Career Appraisal application form (attributes)

We have also created a handy guide for mapping development objectives to attributes.

Any questions?
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