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Alliancing Code of Practice - Self Assessment tool

26 November 2015

This excel-based tool is for self-assessment to identify areas that need improvement when conducting an Alliance, either before or during the Alliance.

Alliancing Code of Practice - Self Assessment tool
Staff from Skanska, a participant in the @one Alliance

Complete this self assessment to generate your performance graph for the stage. Use the scoring guidelines to fill in your assessment.

The Alliancing Code of Practice

The Code of Practice can be used as a knowledge source, to informally gauge progress or to undertake a more formal assessment. An understanding of the aims and structure of the Code of Practice will be required before the assessment is undertaken, either in advance of any assessment session or as an introductory presentation.

Find out more about the Alliancing Code of Practice


Where a formal assessment is being made, observing the following principles will help to get most value from the process:

  • An assessment against the Code of Practice is best done through a series of interviews with individuals or teams who have a direct knowledge of the alliance.
  • When planning assessment sessions consider attendance, duration, environment and facilitation.
  • The best results will be achieved when teams involved directly in the alliance are able to openly compare their progress with the outcomes described in the Code of Practice.
  • The actual assessment of progress against the outcomes described in the Code of Practice should be made by facilitators or assessors who are not directly involved in the Alliance.


This tool was put together by Nielan Perumal and John Grimm, @one Alliance. Please send any feedback or comments to [email protected].

  • Charles Jensen, knowledge content producer at ICE