Building your business with data - lessons from other industries, webinar

30 August, 2017 | 12:30 - 13:30

Building your business with data - lessons from other industries, webinar

About this event

Data is an important resource in the context of civil engineering projects. But recent empirical evidence suggests that the construction sector in the UK falls behind other industries in adopting data analytics and digital technology.

Location intelligence software company illustreets believe that adopting strategies common in other sectors can create competitive advantage for firms of any size. In this webinar they will be looking at lessons from other industries, with a focus on “data as a business” and common patterns for generating revenue streams.

It will show how to create commercial value from data; starting with understanding how data and analytics can help achieve your business goals, then exploring how to collect and create the right data. The webinar will also cover building the analytics capability to turn that data into something valuable, and finally how to get your valuable insights into the hands of clients and stakeholders.

This webinar is part of ICE's Digital Transformation campaign.


Chris Dice, PE, Partner, Cude Engineers​

John Beswick

Chris understands that, in the A/E/C industry, one size does not fit all. Throughout his career, Chris has striven to look beyond the status quo to develop creative solutions tailored to project challenges and client needs. His broad knowledge base and team approach to engineering have equipped Chris with the creativity he needs to identify the best course of action.

Chris graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with his BS in Civil Engineering and has been a part of the Cude team for more than ten years. Starting his career at Cude as an EIT, Chris embarked upon a path of professional development that ultimately led him to a position in firm leadership, overseeing many of the day-to-day operations at Cude Engineers.

Manuel Timita, Platform Architect, Illustreets

John Beswick

Manuel is a technology entrepreneur for the enterprise with a background in big brand sales and marketing.

He combines years of experience building cutting edge solutions for enterprise with a deep and varied IT expertise, including infrastructure, SQL, Java, Node.js, statistical packages and natural language processing. He occupies a rare intersection between programmer and genuine GIS expert. He uses his sector expertise to manage clients as wide ranging as GIS analysts and consultants, data businesses, property and development companies, engineering and exploration - any company that has valuable geospatial data.

Manuel drives the technical and strategy side of illustreets. He has designed and built the platform and ensures that the product meets customers’ needs.

Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering Knowledge, ICE - Chair

Nathan Baker