Brunel International Lecture Series

The Brunel International Lecture series was established in 1999 in memory of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859), one of the world’s most respected pioneering engineers.

ICE's 13th Brunel International Lecture Series, this year focusing on the importance of forming partnerships to address current and future global challenges.
ICE's 13th Brunel International Lecture Series, this year focusing on the importance of forming partnerships to address current and future global challenges.

The lecture series is a prestige event hosted by ICE. It aims to inform and influence global engineering issues, and to strengthen links between ICE and engineering institutions in the UK and around the world.

About this event

Entitled “21st Century Leadership is Partnership: How a Coalition of the World’s Engineers Can Change the World”, the series will explore how the engineering community can deliver a carbon-neutral and resilient society by mid-century.

The world is significantly exposed to uncertainty including climate change, globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation. Engineers must face future challenges now or risk being left behind.

This year’s lecture series will consider what it is to be an engineer, and whether this meets the needs of a future workforce that can deliver resilient and sustainable systems. Debating whether engineers need to think differently to deal with the global uncertainty we are facing, the lecture will discuss how systems engineering and understanding is needed to bring it all together, and whether engineers are well placed to deal with the complex systemic challenges ahead of us.

The series will discuss - globally and locally – the role of engineers, the current practices, the gaps in capabilities and in the workforce, particularly thinking about the need for more women, alongside a more geopolitically diverse workforce.


Each lecturer is appointed by ICE’s International Committee for his or her contribution to civil engineering.

The 13th Brunel International Lecture Series will be delivered by Seth Schultz.

Seth Schultz

Seth Schultz

Seth is executive director of The Resilience Shift, a global initiative focused on making the world safer through resilient infrastructure. Seth is leading work to accelerate the theory and practice of resilience for critical infrastructure systems. He has a long track record of building consensus and initiating change in sustainable development and urban resilience.

With a 20-year career as a geologist and environmental scientist, Seth has worked with leading organisations to drive change in urban sustainability and raise awareness of the role of cities in tackling climate change. He is a founding partner of the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure, a global coalition of organisations from across the engineering, investment, city and philanthropic communities.

About the series

Previously, the lecture series has been delivered in-person and toured globally for 18 months, however, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the lectures will take place online, and run from December 2020 to December 2021.

Travelling virtually around the world, Seth Schultz will present his lecture alongside a regional panel of key industry thought leaders. From both a global and local perspective, they will debate some of the biggest issues facing the planet and the profession, before answering audience questions.

The 13th Brunel International Lecture Series is launching on 02 December 2020 where incoming ICE President, Rachel Skinner will welcome attendees.

The lecture will tour the following virtual locations (dates tbc):

  • East Asia in January 2021
  • Europe in February 2021
  • Middle East and North Africa in March 2021
  • Africa in June 2021
  • South Asia in September 2021
  • Australasia / South East Asia in October 2021
  • Americas in December 2021

Sponsorship opportunities

If you would like to sponsor this lecture, please contact:

Perry James
e: [email protected]