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Dredging innovation seminar 2023

Event organised by Central Dredging Association

07 December 2023

This event has now ended

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This seminar presents a selection of dredging projects from around the UK bringing news of the latest practical applications of the re-use of dredged material as well as innovative developments and use of a new dredging technique.

The presentations provide a practical insight into the projects. Challenges faced and lessons learned will be explored as well as looking to the future in terms of developing/progressing/continuing these applications on other projects.

Speakers include representatives from the Harwich Haven Authority, Van Oord, and Land & Water.

Organised by

Central Dredging Association

Central Dredging Association

CEDA UK is the British section of an independent, international, professional association for dredging and marine construction.


14:00 - 14:10

Introduction – Jamie Gardiner, committee member of CEDA UK

14:10 - 14:45

Saltmarsh regeneration: waste to wetlands - James Maclean, Land and Water

14:45 - 15:20

Beach nourishment at Gibraltar Point and Lydd Ranges sea defences- Alex Schofield, Van Oord

15:20 - 15:40


15:40 - 16:15

The Tiamat dredging methodology - Jake Storey, Harwich Haven Authority

16:15 - 17:00

Harwich Haven Authority harbour and channel deepening: client assessment - John Brien, Harwich Haven Authority

17:00 - 17:30

Outstanding Contribution Award presentation to John Brien, harbour engineer, Harwich Haven Authority


Event closes


John Brien

John Brien

Harwich Haven Authority

harbour engineer

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John Brien

John worked for civil contractors mainly on bridges, industrial buildings, and sea defences before joining Harwich Haven Authority in 1986, initially as an assistant and then harbour engineer.

The work at Harwich included four or five maintenance dredging operations per year, and several capital dredge projects to deepen and widen the harbour and channels. The role also covered the Authority's own infrastructure and environmental responsibilities - particularly in relation to gaining consent for the marine projects.

For the last two years, John oversaw the Authority's largest-ever capital project - the deepening of the harbour and channel to -16.0m CD. John retired from the Authority in October 2023.

Jake Storey

Jake Storey

Harwich Haven Authority

chief financial officer

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Jake Storey

Jake joined Harwich Haven Authority in August 2017. He has over 25 years’ experience in the shipping industry and prior to joining the Authority, he was a strategic advisor to the anti-bribery business TRACE International.

Starting his career in the maritime industry working for Hill Samuel Merchant Bank, he worked for and advised Wallems, Escombe Lambert, Gellaty, Lambert Brothers, Lavino Shipping, and the Wescol group.

Jake has also held senior positions with Gearbulk Group as their chief risk officer and with Inchcape Shipping Services UK as chief financial officer.

He holds a MBA from Manchester Business School and is a chartered accountant and a qualified corporate treasurer. He also has a BA Hons in history and politics from Keele University.

Alex Schofield

Alex Schofield

Van Oord

pre-contract manager

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Alex Schofield

Alex has been part of the coastal engineering community for over 20 years and is a Chartered Civil Engineer.

She started her career within the consultancy sector, predominantly delivering coastal flood and erosion risk management projects for the Environment Agency and Local Authorities.

In 2020 she joined Van Oord as pre-contract manager, leading on project acquisition of dredging and marine construction projects within the UK and Ireland.

She is also Van Oord’s marine and coastal framework manager, maintaining an oversight of all projects Van Oord delivers for the Environment Agency.

James Maclean

James Maclean

Land and Water

chief executive officer

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James Maclean

James Maclean is the CEO of leading wet civil engineering firm Land & Water Group, which has a 30-year history of providing a range of civil and environmental solutions to the UK’s network of rivers, streams, wetlands and waterways.

Having founded the Group in 1994, alongside its chairman Richard Melhuish, Land & Water has since grown into a family of businesses including Land & Water Plant, providers of specialist machinery, a national specialist contracting business (Land and Water Services ltd) and a remediation business building London’s largest wetland habitat ever.

With a focus on innovation and dedication to safeguarding the environment, James is influencing change within the civil engineering and construction industries by reconsidering the way projects are planned and delivered with whole carbon impacts as part of the decision-making process.

He has been a driving force when it comes to our own and industry thinking on managing and reducing waste in everything we do and even how we think.

With the combined effects of an ever-increasing global population and climate change, James alongside his team at Land & Water Group is driving new ideas and strategies to ensure the world is left in a better place.

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