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What is
ICE 200?

2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

To celebrate ICE is running a year of events and activities that show how civil engineering has for over 200 years transformed the way we live. As well as highlighting the exciting range of careers that civil engineering offers.

Invisible Superheroes

Our year long exhibition focuses on the unsung heroes behind amazing engineering projects.

200 projects and people

Stand-out buildings and structures: how they were built and who made it happen.

Explore Engineering

The chance for everyone to see or visit civil engineering in your local area.

Café 200

Hear engineers explain and discuss with non-engineers what civil engineering means.

Pitch 200

Civil engineers to pitch their most innovative ideas to an expert panel in just 200 seconds.

Global Engineering Congress

A week-long gathering to agree steps that will help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Invisible Superheroes Exhibition will be closed from 10 am Monday 18 June for a refit. It will re-open for Engineering Late at 6pm-9.30pm on Friday 22 June.

Invisible Superheroes is our year long exhibition at One Great George Street, focusing on the unsung heroes behind some of the world's most amazing engineering projects.

Using state-of-the-art technology the exhibition brings to life the best examples of civil engineering. The unique comic book style is there to inspire the next generation of engineers so they can see that civil engineering is also about creativity, clever ideas and fun.


What you'll see, learn and can do, how to get there and when it's open.

Explore the exhibition in 3D

Visit the Superheroes exhibition

Can't make it to London?

By the end of 2018 there will be 200 stunning examples of civil engineering through the ages. You can find them at our exhibition or here on our website. Keep scrolling to learn more.

200 people
and projects

Civil engineers have been a force for change and transformation. See how they have changed the world built around us for over 200 years.

Throughout 2018 we are collating stand-out engineering projects from the past two centuries, online. Starting with these:

millau viaduct
Featured project

Bangkok Mass Transit System

Increasing public transport options for 8 million people in the Thai capital

Learn more
  • Year: 1999 - ongoing
  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Cost: £2.8bn (Blue Line)
  • Country: Thailand


ICE 200 is aimed at anyone who wants to know how a building or piece of infrastructure was planned, designed and built. Keep scrolling to discover how you can explore engineering.


Explore engineering is your chance to discover civil engineering in your area.

We're putting together a series of walks, tours and trails, guided by experts, allowing you to understand how civil engineers have transformed our environment.


As civil engineers we need to do more to help explain why our work is important to society and how what we do everyday helps the modern world work.

Café 200 is a series of talks to coffee morning groups explaining how civil engineers tranform lives.

We need volunteers to speak to the public about their civil engineering experiences, the projects they've worked on (or are working on) and how we help change people's lives.


Civil engineers are invited to pitch their best ideas to a panel of experts. It’s open to civil engineers at any level. If you want to be in the audience, that’s also fine.


Could you explain a civil engineering concept or project in just 200 seconds?

Are you a civil engineer with a passion for what you do? Have you worked on an exciting project that you're bursting to tell someone about? Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge to a wider audience?

If so then Pitch 200 is for you - our new competition to find the person who can best demostrate a civil engineering related concept or project in a 200 second presentation.

Ready to take part in Pitch 200?

Find out how you can apply - select your region below.

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Civil engineers from all over the world are meeting at ICE headquarters to discuss how we tackle some of our biggest global challenges.

Global Engineering Congress

It’s a unique gathering of engineers from around the world to agree a united response for delivering 5 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The world's best engineering minds will spend a week addressing the pressing need for action on climate change, delivering clean water, sustainable energy and a better connected world.

Find out more

22-26 October at ICE headquarters, One Great George Street, central London.