How much noise do you make? A guide to assessing and managing noise on construction sites

This guide advises how to measure and manage noise levels on construction sites.

Managing noise from construction sites
Managing noise from construction sites

Who wrote this?

A. J. Wills and D. W. Churcher.


It was first published in July 1999.


To give the industry guidance on noise reduction.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is responsible for site noise levels, or those in charge of minimising impacts of construction.


This pocket guide tackles an aspect of construction that can cause the greatest damage to good relations with the general public. Excessive noise is also a significant hazard for site workers. The threat of restrictions and legal action from local authorities, the Health and Safety Executive and even private individuals, coupled with increasingly stringent legislative action, make noise a problem that must be taken seriously by site managers and supervisors. Standards of best practice must be observed. 

This 28-page paper draws extensively on the code of practice incorporated in BS5228 and presents the guidance in clear, easily understood style. It considers the scale and nature of the problem, typical noise levels and units of measurement and summarises the scope of the two principal pieces of legislation effective in the UK: the Control of Pollution Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. European directives and BS5228 are also covered.

The guide includes:

  • Ways of predicting noise levels with simple formulas
  • Worked examples for different types of operation at various distances
  • Examples for both stationary equipment and mobile plants 

This book also offers advice on: 

  • Equipment
  • Methods and frequency of measuring noise on site
  • Ways of controlling it

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