ICE Health and Safety Days 2017

ICE is committed to be at the forefront of knowledge transfer on health and safety issues and to help safeguard the well-being of people in our profession.

People - the real value of projects
People - the real value of projects

In recent years, clients, contractors and the supply chain have started working much closer together and for greater periods of time, changing the dynamics of project teams and adding a layer of complexity to health and safety procedures.

Combined with increased fines from HSE to senior individuals in organisations, it has become even more critical for everyone involved in construction, regardless if situated on or off-site, to have a thorough understanding of how to minimise risk of accidents, which may lead to death or injury and be followed by unavoidable legal ramifications.

To further address these challenges, starting in 2017, we are establishing the ICE Health and Safety Days, aimed to provide invaluable insight on procedures governed both by the Health and Safety at Work Act and the updated CDM Regulations of 2015.

Over the course of 24 February and 14 September 2017, two Mock Trials and two Half-day Interactive Seminars, held at One Great George Street, London, will engage more than 600 delegates, providing an excellent platform to understand the real-life implications of accidents, see how they can be avoided by utilising adequate equipment and technology and learn about proper methodologies for working and supervising.

Health and Safety Day: 14 September 2017

09:00 - 13:15 | Mock Trial: Service Strike

Cost: £35 for members / £45 for non-members

There are over 60,000 cable strikes every year with electricity causing the most significant injuries. Large fines can be imposed if a cable strike leads to a successful prosecution – at the end of 2015, two construction companies were fined a total £90,000 plus prosecution costs after two workers were seriously injured following a cable strike at a London construction site.

This Mock Trial will explore:

  • How inadequate risk assessment, lack of communication, lack of supervision and inadequate checks on competence led to a cable strike
  • What happens if there is still a cable strike despite a company's best efforts to train, supervise and enable its employees? When will HSE focus its attention on individuals?

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14:30 - 17:30 | Interactive Seminar: Safeguarding H&S by design: Utilising BIM effectively

Cost: £55 for members / £85 for non-members

The introduction of new technologies and the advancement of BIM adoption, provide the construction industry with unique opportunities to create safer working environments, by appropriate design.

Through dedicated presentations and discussion with the audience, the first part of this interactive seminar will:

  • Present the perspectives of both HSE and the Principal Designer
  • Give the opportunity to attendees to share their personal experience on the challenges they face and the barriers they come across in having a safer working environment

The second part of the seminar, led by ICE training, will further explore:

  • Designing risk registers; SiD examples; RAG lists, BIM4H&S
  • How to identify the main CDM requirements on a project timeline in relation to the principal designer

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All CITB-registered employers can claim a grant, including those that don’t need to pay levy. You can claim grants for the employees you declare on your Levy Return who have done training. For short duration training, the grant is £50 per person for each full day of training and £25 per person for half day courses.

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The Construction (Design and Management) 2015 Regulations (CDM2015) for professionals working in health and safety came into force on 6 April 2015. ICE Training offers a suite of training programmes that focus specifically on CDM2015, the specifications of the Regulations, and how to implement them across the industry. Learn more.

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