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Gemini principles overview

29 April 2019

This paper sets out proposed principles to guide the national digital twin and the information management framework that will enable it.

Gemini principles overview
The Gemini principles for data management of digital twins

A national digital twin would offer a digital model of the UK’s infrastructure network, made up of connected digital twin models spanning transport, energy, water and telecommunications. This could vastly improve how infrastructure is managed, maintained and planned in the future – for example, by identifying water leaks more quickly, or reducing delays on the rail network.

The Gemini Principles for developing future digital twins are:

  • Public Good – the twin must be used to deliver genuine public benefit in perpetuity;
  • Value Creation – it must enable value creation and performance improvement;
  • Insight – it must provide determinable insight into the built environment;
  • Security – the twin must enable security and be secure itself;
  • Openness – it must be as open as possible;
  • Quality – it must be built on data of an appropriate quality;
  • Federation – the twin must be based on a standard connected environment;
  • Curation – the twin must have clear ownership, governance and regulation; and
  • Evolution – it must be able to adapt as technology and society evolve

These principles are published by the Digital Framework Task Group (chaired by Mark Enzer).

The creation of the Digital Framework Task Group was one of the key recommendations in the National Infrastructure Commission’s report, Data for the Public Good.

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