Grades of ICE membership

Members of ICE at an discussion - these attract members from all ages and experience

ICE's  members are very diverse. We have over 91,000 members spread across the world, who have a variety of backgrounds and are at different stages of their careers.

We welcome members who have an interest, or want to build a career, in the built environment. So whether you're just starting out or a senior professional, we'd love to hear from you.

Our membership is tailored to meet your needs. We'll advise and support you to move your career forward. We'll also give you valuable resources to help you improve your knowledge. Most importantly, we're committed to your ongoing professional development.

Become part of our global civil engineering community and help us to shape the world – today and tomorrow.

  • Free student membership

    Student member Emma Veletrop

    Student membership is a great introduction to civil engineering. It supports you with career advice, helps you find out about the industry, and gives you lots of free study resources. You'll also get the opportunity to make contacts with professionals and potential employers, and to meet students and graduates.

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  • Graduate membership (GMICE)

    Graduate member Tim Lai

    Get the career advice and support you'll need as you begin your working life. Use our knowledge resources and handy tools to complete your initial professional development (IPD) and fast-track yourself to professional qualification. Plus make the most of opportunities to meet, liaise with and learn from our wide membership.

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  • Technician membership (MICE)

    Technician member Charlotte Owen

    Becoming a professionally qualified engineering technician (EngTech) is an excellent way to get recognised – for what you know and you're good at. It's also personally satisfying and can lead to better work opportunities. As a member, you'll meet different types of people, learn more and improve your skills.

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  • Membership as an incorporated or chartered engineer (MICE)

    Hisano Kajiura CEng MICE

    When you qualify as a member (MICE), you get international recognition for your high level of knowledge, skills and experience. Your qualification and position in the industry also help to boost your job prospects and future career. We'll support you to keep your knowledge fresh and encourage you to develop further.

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  • Membership as an ICE fellow (FICE)

    Kate Hall, ICE fellow

    ICE fellows have made a big contribution to the profession, so they enjoy our highest grade of membership. Fellowship gives individuals a great sense of personal pride because they're important to the institution too. Fellows help us to influence the future of the industry and are role models for the next generation.

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  • Associate member (AMICE)

    Associate members are professionals who work in the built environment but are not necessarily qualified engineers. An AMICE could be an architect or surveyor, or someone from a legal or finance team. They can also be engineers qualified with another institution in the UK or abroad. Associate members want to share their work experiences and network with like-minded professionals.

  • Companions

    ICE Companion members work in very senior roles in fields related to civil engineering.

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