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ICE CPD Framework 2022

Our activity as civil engineers is key to creating the world of the future and ensuring the infrastructure we have is safe, resilient, sustainable and delivers social benefit.

Part of how we do this is through our professional qualification and ongoing commitment to competence and professionalism through continuing professional development (CPD).

ICE’s CPD framework is the next step on this journey. Developed by the ICE Professionalism Panel in consultation with ICE’s expert networks, the framework presents topics highly recommended for professionally qualified ICE members to undertake as part of their annual CPD.

ICE’s CPD guidance provides further details to support you in preparing your CPD plan.

Topic What will I learn Personal development area Strategic theme CPD Activity
Conflict avoidance Understand the main causes of conflict, how to recognise them early and the options available to avoid them escalating into disputes. With reference to the differences between contracts Working with others
Business practice

Explaining dispute avoidance and resolution

Understanding dispute avoidance and resolution

Discussing dispute avoidance and resolution

Swiss cheese model of risk management Understand the Swiss cheese model, its application in civil engineering and how to apply it Management
Contract management
Public safety
Health safety and welfare

Understanding the Swiss Cheese model (knowledge pack)

Tech Talk: Risk based models

Discussing the Swiss Cheese model (podcast)

Security Mindedness Understand a security minded approach toward the protection of infrastructure and the data and information produced by or relating to it and its use. Including, recognising threats, minimising risks, complying with policies, adopting security behaviours and how to report incidents Legislative
Public safety

Explaining security-mindedness

Understanding security-mindedness

ICE Code of Professional Conduct Understand the principles within the ICE code of conduct, how to apply them and your obligations to professional conduct as an ICE member Self-development Professionalism
Public safety
Coming soon
Engineering Ethics Understand the 4 principles of ethical conduct defined by the Engineering Council and understand why their application matters Self-development Professionalism
Public safety

Explaining engineering ethics

Topic What will I learn Personal development area Strategic theme CPD Activity
Understanding structural load paths and distribution of mass/loads How to ensure that any temporary and secondary systems do not modify load paths unexpectedly. Understand what impact secondary systems have on new built structures and what impact modifications have on existing structures Technical Productivity
Public safety

Understanding structural load paths

Tech Talk: BBVA Tower, Mexico City

Structural resilience Understand how engineers can continually improve our knowledge and understanding of structural resilience in order to protect communities Technical Public safety Coming soon
Design risk management Understand the management of design risk in the context of design, management, construction, commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning. Within the context of CDM2015 for the jurisdictions in which it applies Legislative
Health safety and welfare Coming soon
CDM2015 and its application Understand how to apply CDM2015 in the jurisdictions in which it applies Management
Health safety and welfare

Explaining CDM 2015 and its application

Understanding the role of the principal designer

Topic What will I learn Personal development area Strategic theme CPD Activity
Contractual requirements to enable innovation and economy in design Understand the issue of contractual arrangements not easily allowing for the refinement of designs during construction when on the basis of observations ground conditions are better understood

Explore how greater flexibility can be created to refine design during construction
Contract management
Productivity Coming soon
Renewable energy and the incorporation of zero carbon systems (heat exchangers) into designs Understand how heat exchangers can be incorporated into designs Technical Decarbonisation
Coming soon
The stability of earthworks (engineered & natural) in relation to climate change and strategies for flood defences Understand the ability of embankments to retain water and how to assess for the risk of landslides Technical Sustainability
Public safety

Understanding the climate and earthworks stabilit

Tech Talk: Achilles

Site assessment and characterisation through observation and measurement Understand how to assess and characterise sites through observation and measurement Technical Productivity

Understanding the Observational Method

Topic What will I learn Personal development area Strategic theme CPD Activity
Digital Design and Offsite Construction General awareness of design for manufacture and how it can be, and is, applied within the transport sector

Understanding of the benefits of digital design and offsite construction including: decarbonisation, H&S, standardisation (including maintenance benefit), programme and cost

Understand the applicable procurement models and commercial arrangements
Technical Digital transformation

Understanding DfMA for transport projects

Tech Talk: the Flow bridge project

Decarbonisation in transport – what can be done practically to make a difference Understand measuring and benchmarking of carbon impacts – from concept through to design, installation, maintenance, operation and demolition/removal

Understand low carbon materials – design, specification, construction

Understand low carbon production – logistics and planning
Technical Decarbonisation Coming soon
Integrated design & delivery – considering design and construction at a systems level, managing interfaces Systems based thinking - consideration of the whole project lifecycle as a system

Understanding interfaces and how to manage

Commercial and procurement aspects
Management Productivity

Understanding a systems approach to infrastructure

Discussing a systems approach to transport

Understanding impacts of infrastructure delivery on active travel – enable active travel through design of transport infrastructure, create inclusive environments, manage construction with cyclists and pedestrians in mind. How to enable active travel (which promotes health and wellbeing) through design and reducing motor vehicle dependence (which is associated with ill health, pollution and road danger)

Practical design considerations - inclusive engagement, space re-allocation, lowering traffic on residential roads, inclusive crossing design, school street design

Understand construction logistic planning with regard to
  • Why four times as many people are killed off-site than on-site and what can be done about it
  • the increase in active travel
  • the risk of construction HGVs in cyclist and pedestrian deaths
  • the necessity to cut emissions from construction logistics to meet air quality standards
Technical Public safety

Understanding design for active travel

Discussing design for active travel

Tech talk: Promoting and enabling active travel

Topic What will I learn Personal development area Strategic theme CPD Activity
Decarbonisation An understanding of the impacts that carbon is having on our climate, appreciation of the methods of assessment and awareness of what we as engineers can do to reduce whole life carbon

Understand the impact of carbon for the water industry; what net zero means and the key legislation

Be able to identify the main contributors of carbon and how to reduce this
Decarbonisation Coming soon
Digital trends Awareness of different digital methods and tools such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital twins – what are these tools and how can they benefit the water industry Technical Digital transformation

Case studies: Digital trends for water

Tech Talk: Digital trends for water

Bathing water for rivers Gain an awareness of bathing water directives and how to improve the quality of river water for bathing Technical Public safety

Explaining bathing water for rivers

Understanding bathing water for rivers

Discussing bathing water for rivers

Case Study: the River Wharfe at Ilkley

How does water infrastructure provide wider benefits to society An appreciation of the wider social benefits that water infrastructure can bring and how to achieve these on projects Management
Sustainability Coming soon

Topic What will I learn Personal development area Strategic theme CPD Activity
Decarbonisation What can practically be done to make a difference and meet current targets

Low carbon design, production and materials
Decarbonisation Coming soon
Adapting to climate change Understanding the cause, effect and uncertainty of scenarios in the short term (1 to 20 years), medium term (20 to 50 years) and long term (50 to 100 and more years)

Future design and flexibility to change including the concept of adaptation

The adequacy of future plans and measures
Technical Sustainability

Explaining Shoreline Management Plans

Shoreline Adaptation Plan in Auckland

How the framework works

ICE invites professionally qualified members to introduce the topics in the framework into their CPD planning for 2022.

Over the course of 2022, ICE will also release CPD activities that align the topics in the framework. These activities will be part of the ICE member benefit and available to all members online.

The framework consists of a section of topics labelled as “core” which have cross cutting relevance to all members.

There are a further five sections to the framework which consist of topics from particular industry sectors. Members are invited to self-select from these sections according to what is most relevant to them.

We are aware that there may be members that don’t identify with one of these industry sectors and we will therefore be seeking feedback throughout 2022 to identify if the framework can be expanded and refined to offer a broader scope.

Why has ICE introduced the framework?

The initial catalyst for introducing the framework was ICE's 2018 In Plain Sight report, which recommended topics covering risk management and public safety in which civil engineers must continue to demonstrate competency if they are to play their role in improving society.

However, safety is only one of our challenges as civil engineers so the framework is broadened to include topics that cover contemporary themes such as digital transformation, decarbonisation and productivity.

Who is the framework for?

The framework is aimed at professionally qualified members, those holding a CEng, IEng or EngTech qualification.

However, the topics may also be relevant to members from other grades to address as part of their professional development and the Professionalism Panel encourages all members to consider the topics in the framework when planning their CPD for 2022.

ICE is gathering feedback from members and employers on the relevance of the framework to ensure that the offering can change and evolve according to members’ needs. If you have any comments on the framework please contact ICE on [email protected].

Looking to find out more about CPD Framework?

If you have a question about our CPD framework or just want to find out more, please contact us: