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ICE Training Schemes

Find out more about the ICE Training Scheme. It explains what Training Agreements are, how trainees get guidance and support, and how to keep track of the training. It will also help companies find out how companies can start an ICE Training Scheme of their own.

ICE Training Schemes are structured training programmes run by ICE approved employers – to find out if your company has an ICE Training Scheme, use our approved employers search tool. If your company doesn't operate an ICE Training Scheme, then Mentor-supported training might be the best option for you.

It sets how employers will help you get the skills, knowledge and experience you need to complete the initial professional development (IPD) stage of your path to become professionally qualified. Once you’ve joined a scheme you can use IPD Online to record your progress.

Mentor–supported training is similar to an ICE Training Scheme but is not run by your employer. You're responsible for managing your own training with the support of a mentor, who'll need to be approved by ICE. You can find out more about it in our guidance document.

You can also use an ICE Training Scheme to complete your IPD as you progress from one grade to another.

Joining an ICE Training Scheme

To join a scheme, you’ll need to enter into a training agreement with your employer and ICE. This formally sets out what is expected of you and your employer throughout the training. If your company has signed up to use the Training Agreement Online System (TAGSO) then you can join via that link. Please note you must be logged into MyICE before accessing the link.

If your company is not using TAGSO, you will need to fill out an application form.

Your employer is responsible for your day-to-day training, but our Membership Recruitment Team is on hand to give you advice and guidance.

Supervising civil engineers and delegated engineers

Your employer will assign a supervising civil engineers (SCE) to you. SCEs, play an important part in your training. They will give you support and guidance throughout the programme. SCEs may choose to work with a delegated engineer (DE) who may assist in mentoring you..

How do companies start an approved training scheme?

If your organisation is interested in setting up a scheme, they can get in touch with one of our Regional Support Teams. The team will take them through the process and explain what needs to be done.

Want to find out more?

You can get more information about the ICE Training Scheme in our guidance document.

IPD Online tool

Once you’ve joined a scheme you can use IPD Online to record your progress and have it assessed by your supervising civil engineer, delegated engineer or mentor. Watch the video below to get started with IPD Online.


Get started with IPD Online

Help with ICE elearning

For help and assistance in completing your application, watch our online videos hosted by membership experts.

Got a question?

If you've got any questions about Training Agreements, or you're struggling with an application, then we're here to help.