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  • The Infrastructure blog
    Rapid adoption of digital technologies will be key for SMEs

    Review of Industry Digitalisation: a boon for productivity

    19 July 2017

    Discussion is heating up in the UK digital space as industry looks to identify how it can bring about a step-change in digital uptake in manufacture and construction. The Review of Industry Digitalisation interim report sets out its early findings and emerging recommendations to government.

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  • The civil engineer
    River Witham Flood Defences: old tyres used to benefit rather than harm water management.

    Innovative concepts, analyses and technologies for sustainable water management

    20 July 2017

    How should we understand water management in our age when humanity itself is now a powerful force on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems (aka ‘the Anthropocene era’)? Do we understand the most critical factors in building a resilient water infrastructure? What technologies do civil engineers need to use? Four ahead-of-print articles about water engineering help us answer these important questions.

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