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ICE Thinks draws on the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills from across our membership to develop the most informed thinking on the key issues facing everyone working in the built environment.

We are also talking to industry, business and academia to help understand the detailed facts, identify trends and share our point of view.

ICE Thinks is a conduit for everyone’s ideas, views and opinions that builds into a think tank focused on the future challenges that we need to address right now.

ICE Thinks – the story so far

Transforming infrastructure, transforming cities – here’s a taster of what we’ve explored so far, from autonomous vehicles and talking robots to smart cities and digital innovation.

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  • What we're discussing in 2018

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Infrastructure

Brexit: EU Interconnectivity and Infrastructure Challenges

Panel discussion that brings together leading figures from government and industry to discuss physical infrastructure, standards and learning and financial ties.

25 April 2018

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Stephen Hammond MP, Chair APPGI


Lilian Greenwood MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee
Nick Roberts, President, Engineering, Design and Project Management, Atkins
James Stewart, Vice Chair and Head of Brexit, KPMG
David Bell, Director of Standards Policy, BSI
Lord Robert Mair, President of ICE


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