Ways that artificial intelligence can enhance infrastructure

An innovative ICE workshop brought together data scientists and built environment professionals to explore how artificial intelligence can enhance existing infrastructure.

AI workshop: ways of looking at existing infrastructure systems
AI workshop: ways of looking at existing infrastructure systems
  • Updated: 01 November 2018
  • Author: Kelly Forbes, ICE Policy Manager

How artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can improve and enhance existing infrastructure was discussed by built environment professionals and data scientists during an ICE workshop over the summer.

The event sought to facilitate conversations between civil engineers and data scientists, generating new ideas about how better data and the application of AI can improve the operation of existing infrastructure and enable predictive maintenance.

The event was held in partnership with The Alan Turing Institute and techUK. Ideas that came out of the group workshop included proposed systems to predict embankment collapses, reduce tunnel road closures at Heathrow and iterative validation of existing underground infrastructure data.

Andrew Wyllie CBE, ICE Senior Vice President and Costain Chief Executive, said: "This event provided an important opportunity for the built environment and digital sectors to come together to look at ways existing infrastructure systems can seize the opportunities from changing technologies and practices.”

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Future ICE research and discussions into AI

ICE plans to hold further roundtables and workshops to explore these big issues and themes in more detail.

There are many other questions that the built environment sector should explore in relation to AI including:

  •  Which infrastructure challenges should be addressed first to demonstrate a compelling use case for AI and machine learning in the built environment?
  • Is industry prepared to adopt shared data standards to improve data quality and shareability?
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