Do civil engineers have the right skills to deliver real social value?

The ICE Professional Skills report is the result of an extensive 9 month review that explored the current and emerging skills needs for civil engineers.

Find out with the ICE Professional Skills Report.
Find out with the ICE Professional Skills Report.

Led by ICE Vice President Ed McCann, the Review Group was set up to explore how skills are maintained, developed and qualified in an environment of rapid change in the working environment. It examined the latest trends in engineering practice and the impact this has had on professional skills.

The review process included a series of market research activities including desk research, a qualitative study that engaged with business leaders and industry experts in key engineering and construction companies. A quantitative survey was also circulated, engaging with 50,000 ICE members worldwide. The review group held a series of workshops to examine and discuss this research.

This report outlines the key findings including the profession's need to embrace digital technology and how civil engineers should develop the rapidly-evolving skills needed to exploit its benefits. It also found the modern construction industry is increasingly multi-disciplinary and a more flexible approach is needed to encourage people to enter the profession. 'Soft skills' are seen to be lacking among civil engineers in the workplace and the importance of these skills need to be promoted at every level.

Read the full ICE Professional Skills Report for further information and the 22 recommendations.