ICE archives available online for the first time as part of ICE 200 library upgrade

The new library system allows members to access ICE’s vast collection of knowledge all in one place.

The upgrade brings together ICE’s book collection alongside its archives
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The upgrade brings together ICE’s book collection alongside its archives

The library upgrade, which has been twelve months in the planning, brings together ICE's vast book collections and extensive archives. Whilst ICE has made its library collection available online, previously those wanting access to the archives had been restricted to contacting ICE's library team and requesting information.

Now, thanks to the new system, users can find the material they need themselves using just one simple, intuitive portal which searches across several databases. The upgrade has been launched to coincide with ICE's 200th anniversary and means that ICE members now have access to one of the biggest civil engineering knowledge libraries in the world.

Further upgrades are planned to take place later in the year which will see ICE Publishing materials and Journals also added and the ICE image library digitised for the first time. The upgrade is part of an ongoing programme to improve the range of knowledge content available to members which will eventually include recorded lectures alongside ICE training and Benevolent Fund material.

Nathan Baker, ICE's Director of Engineering Knowledge said:

"ICE is the home of civil engineering knowledge, and many thousands of members over the years have benefitted from access to our vast library of books, journals, drawings, maps and other engineering documents helping them with their studies and research. We have worked hard over the last year to extend that information by unlocking our archives for the very first time, making the contents, including more digital content, available with an easy to use search system.

"The project demonstrates our commitment to making it easier for members to access our knowledge and follows last year's launches of ICE Thinks and My Career portal"

Alongside the library upgrade, a raft of activities are also taking place to help demonstrate how civil engineers transform lives. ICE's Invisible Superheroes Exhibition is also currently live in the Infrastructure Learning Hub at One Great George Street.

The upgrade will go live on 17 January 2018.