Learning Hub launched to support members’ professional development

ICE members will be able to access all the Institution’s expert-reviewed knowledge resources through a single search.

Providing a range of online learning modules and resources, ICE has launched the Learning Hub to support the professional development of members.

Available free and exclusively to ICE members, the Learning Hub launches with 100 different learning programmes.

Members will be able to access 1,000 hours of content across 400 different activities, through a single, online portal. Additional learning programmes will be added to the Learning Hub every month.


Nathan Baker, ICE Director of Engineering Knowledge, said: “ICE is committed to supporting its members throughout their professional lives and to ensuring the civil engineering profession continues to deliver solutions for the challenges we face.

“With its extensive and easy-to-access content, the new Learning Hub will help members to achieve their individual professional development, as well as build a more knowledgeable civil engineering community. Our members can gain the knowledge they need to both grow in their careers and to make a real difference in society.”

A members-led learning resource

The content was created and curated following consultation with members on the subjects that they most wanted, as part of ICE’s annual membership survey.

New resources will be developed through the contribution of partners and members, including collaboration within ICE Communities of Practice.

Members are encouraged to give their feedback to [email protected].

ICE also has plans to add a self-assessment skills analysis tool and a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recording tool to the platform.

The Learning Hub has been developed as part of ICE’s response to the findings of the ICE Skills Review Group, chaired by ICE Vice-President Ed McCann.

Published in July 2018, the group’s ICE Professional Skills report recommended that ICE promote continuous learning and make appropriate resources available to ensure that civil engineers adapt their skills in line with technical advances and developments.

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