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Huge increase in CPD records submitted in audit

25 November 2019

ICE reports on the 2019 CPD Audit and prepares for sanctions for CPD non-compliance in 2020.

Huge increase in CPD records submitted in audit

Ninety-one percent of ICE members selected for this year's CPD audit submitted their records, a staggering 15% increase on last year's total.

This is especially encouraging as ICE introduces sanctions for CPD audit non-compliance in 2020.

ICE would like to thank members who submitted their Development Action Plan (DAP) and Personal Development Record (PDR) to this year’s CPD audit. This exercise demonstrates civil engineers' commitment to continuing professional development and their understanding of the benefits gained from the Plan-Act-Assess-Review CPD cycle.

Key findings

This year's audit found that:

  • 93% of members that submitted their CPD records were found to have adequately demonstrated their professional development. This shows that members are engaging with the ICE CPD cycle and effectively planning, implementing and recording their CPD.
  • It’s clear that many members are consistently recording and evaluating their CPD to a high standard. ICE will endeavour to share examples of good practice with the wider membership.
  • ICE will be communicating more to members about the benefits of CPD recording and work is underway to ensure that the right messages are relayed to members over the next few years.
  • ICE will be expanding its pool of CPD auditors to prepare for an increase in the audit sample size in the future.

Planning ahead for 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, this is an ideal time to ensure that your 2019 PDR is up-to-date, to reflect on your learning, and evaluate how well you have achieved your 2019 DAP objectives. Templates can be found within the ICE CPD Guidance.

From January 2020, Members (MICE) and Fellows (FICE) who don't submit their CPD records to ICE after two written requests will receive a formal letter from the Vice President, Membership.

This will remind them of their obligation to submit CPD records as stipulated in both ICE’s and the Engineering Council’s regulations.

They will be given a final opportunity to submit their CPD records within three months. If a member fails to submit after the final request, they'll be removed from the ICE membership roll and Engineering Council Register.

Other member grades should also record their CPD as part of their learning and development.

Guidance is available for those that need help with recording their CPD. For further advice and questions, please email [email protected].

  • Kellen Sao, quality assurance and training manager at ICE