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New online lecture series launched for ICE members and the public 

06 April 2020

New digital 'ICE Strategy Sessions' launched to inform and engage audiences.

New online lecture series launched for ICE members and the public 

A new online lecture series is being launched to promote discussion of important challenges and issues facing civil engineers and the infrastructure sector.

The ICE Strategy Sessions are a programme of free online lectures and events which bring together experts and industry leaders to discuss those thought leadership challenges.

ICE’s Council is the pinnacle of the Institution’s learning society activity. Each year, Council identifies several strategic thought leadership challenges for the Institution’s expert network to address. These will be discussed, in-depth, through a series of online events and lectures.

The ICE Strategy Sessions will kick off on 21 April, with a lecture that considers whether civil engineers are doing enough to assure the public that the infrastructure they use is safe.

Future events will explore how infrastructure can help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the role of the future engineer – dates for which will be announced shortly.

Building on the work of ICE’s Enabling Better Infrastructure programme, one future lecture will discuss the 12 guiding principles set out in the programme and explore the role of that civil engineers can play in achieving sustainable development.

Each lecture will convene a range of experts to discuss important issues facing civil engineers and the industry.

These events, which are free to both the public and members, will allow audiences to interact and ask questions in real-time. Audiences will also have access to a range of additional resources via ICE’s website.

The first event in the ICE Strategy Sessions is: Reassuring the public that infrastructure is safe.

High-profile failures such as the Grenfell Tower fire and collapse of the Polcevera viaduct in Italy have called into question what civil engineers and infrastructure professionals are doing to reassure the public that buildings and structures remain safe throughout their lifecycle.

The key speaker is Dame Judith Hackitt, the Government’s Independent Advisor on Tall Building Safety.

She will outline her work to advise the Government on how best to establish the new building safety regulator and challenge whether the civil engineering profession is doing enough to take responsibility for ensuring safety of the public.

Attendees will then hear from civil engineers who are taking a lead in providing this reassurance. Hazel McDonald, Chief Bridge Engineer at Transport Scotland, will discuss the challenge of maintaining Scotland’s ageing rail and trunk road bridge assets and efforts to establish an international certification scheme for bridge inspectors.

Julie Bregulla, Director of Fire & Building Technology at BRE, will discuss ongoing work within ICE to embed the findings of the 2018 In Plain Sight report. That report, led by past ICE President Peter Hansford, made 11 recommendations to ICE and the wider industry, across the areas of lesson-sharing, competence and governance.

Speakers will present live and be followed by a live Q&A discussion.

ICE Strategy Sessions: Reassuring the public that infrastructure is safe

  • Emma Beer, media relations manager at ICE