Covid-19 and the new normal for infrastructure systems

This Green Paper discusses the early lessons that the infrastructure sector should take away from the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK. It also puts forward a number of consultation questions to gauge what future infrastructure provision should look like.

The responses to this Green Paper will enable the Infrastructure Client Group to develop a roadmap, as part of the Construction Leadership Council's Industry Recovery Plan on how infrastructure delivery should be reinvented in the UK following Covid-19.

Specifically the Green Paper covers the following themes:

  • Systemic lessons from Covid-19
  • Lessons from Covid-19 on the infrastructure we need
  • Lessons from Covid-19 on how we deliver infrastructure

There are seven questions included as part of the consultation. These are:

  • Question 1: What other factors, or combination of factors, will determine attitudes to public life as we transition to a new normal?
  • Question 2: What other systemic changes, driven by lessons learned during the lockdown period, can we expect to be important as part of the new normal?
  • Question 3: Are our assumptions of the new priorities for infrastructure correct?
  • Question 4: What other changes to infrastructure provision will be needed and what assumptions sit behind that need?
  • Question 5: Have we made the correct assumptions on the changes in delivery that will be required, to deliver infrastructure as part of the new normal?
  • Question 6: What are the intermediate steps required to move us towards these new approaches to delivery?
  • Question 7: What other fundamental shifts are required to deliver concrete and long-lasting change in how we operationalise to deliver infrastructure to achieve societal requirements?

This consultation runs until 14 June. Responses can be made by emailing [email protected].

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