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Response to the National Infrastructure Commission’s call for evidence on the rail needs assessment for the Midlands and the North

This consultation response outlines ICE’s recommendations to the National Infrastructure Commission on how to effectively deliver an integrated rail plan for the Midlands and the North, including High Speed Two.

  • Updated: 03 June 2020
  • Author: Ben Goodwin, Lead Policy Manager

ICE has published its response to the National Infrastructure Commission’s call for evidence examining how best to integrate High Speed Two, Phase 2b, Midlands Engine Rail and Northern Powerhouse Rail with the existing rail network and other rail proposals in the Midlands and the North.

The response was informed by a roundtable of ICE members, fellows, and industry specialists.

It makes four recommendations:

  • That the Commission recognise that an integrated rail plan must include cross-modal and interdependent investments to ensure a door-to-door alternative to car use which meets passenger needs and expectations.
  • That the enhancement of existing rail lines be included in this plan alongside High Speed Two, Northern Powerhouse Rail and Midlands Engine Rail to meet social, economic and environmental needs.
  • That the plan be implemented as a continuous programme which can deliver incremental improvements in service and complement major projects, such as High Speed Two, ahead of their delivery date.
  • That Transport for the North and Midlands Connect be evolved into subnational infrastructure bodies tasked with developing integrated regional infrastructure strategies and bringing together government, regulators, businesses and stakeholder representatives from across infrastructure and economic sectors to co-ordinate delivery of the plan and maximise the benefits of investment.

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