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Project 13

A better approach to delivering high performing infrastructure

Organisations from all levels of the supply chain agree that the infrastructure industry's current operating model is broken. Too often projects are delivered over budget, past deadline and below par.

Project 13 intends to change that with a new long-term, value driven approach – and it's backed by big industry hitters.

Drawing heavily on the experience of regulated utilities in delivering both projects and programmes the Project 13 model aims to overcome the series of disparate relationships between owners and suppliers that directly affect both productivity and performance.

Why we need Project 13

  • Productivity growth in the construction sector is only 8% and has been flat-lining for decades
  • Brexit has focused policymakers on the UK's poor productivity record and needs improvement and the need for improvement
  • Digital transformation is key to improving performance but new skills and ways of working are needed

Improving the way we do infrastructure

Project 13 is already underway and building a community of infrastructure owners and suppliers committed to make the change.

Working with the largest players in the sector, we've identified 5 features that are crucial to this new approach for successful project delivery.

  • Governance

    Establish systems of governance that can maximise value to customers and stakeholders rather than minimise initial capital cost
    Lead by: Richard Threlfall, KPMG

  • Organisation

    Establish methodologies for creating integrated organisations of suppliers and owners with aligned interests and effective relationships between partners
    Lead by: Dale Evans, Anglian Water
  • Integration

    Establish the capabilities, processes and systems needed to achieve effective integration and the roles and responsibilities of the integrator
    Lead by: Mark Reynolds, Mace
  • The capable owner

    Establish the capabilities required by an effective owner organisation and a common approach for the recruitment, development & training of leaders
    Lead by: Phil Wilbraham, Heathrow
  • Digital transformation

    Establish a shared understanding of how digital technologies will transform organisations managing infrastructure networks
    Lead by: Mark Enzer, Mott MacDonald

Productivity isn't everything, but in the long run it is almost everything. A country's ability to improve its standard of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker

Paul Krugman - The Age of Diminishing Expectations

Join the Project 13 community

We want your help to develop the resources needed to make Project 13 a reality – which will be delivered in March 2018.

As part of the development programme we will produce:

  • A programme of events to share results and findings
  • Newsletters reporting programme progress
  • Opportunities to input on development and trial of resources
  • Community email for questions, support and advice

Join the community

Project 13 links with government and industry

For Project 13 to succeed the whole system of infrastructure delivery must shift towards a framework that incentivises productivity.

We know that government places high performing infrastructure at the heart of its economic plans and is taking action through a range of initiatives in order to deliver this commitment.

By linking Project 13 closely with these initiatives (below) we are complementing and influencing their development – towards the ultimate outcome of improved productivity.