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5 ways being a graduate member on ICE Council can boost your career

17 March 2023

Ruth Marsden, chair of the ICE’s Early Careers Network, encourages graduate members to run for the ICE Council.

5 ways being a graduate member on ICE Council can boost your career
The ICE's Early Careers Network Committee members with ICE President Keith Howells at One Great George Street.

Early career professionals have a voice, and it’s actively listened to by groups of people with great influence in our industry.

One such group is the ICE Council.

The council has an essential role in representing the views of the membership and supporting the Trustee Board in ensuring the ICE remains a global centre of excellence.

It meets regularly to debate issues of relevance to civil engineering, the institution and society.

As the 2023/23 chair of the international Early Careers Network (ECNet), I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to join ICE Council meetings.

With a vacancy open for a graduate member to join council, here are the reasons I would recommend putting yourself forward:

1. Understanding the inner workings of the ICE

Participating in these has given me great insight into the inner workings of the ICE, and the importance of early careers members in the institution.

I’ve been able to witness how the future of the institution is determined, follow discussions between senior leaders, and share my views on key points.

This has given me a more holistic understanding of how the institution is structured and operates.

2. Having the opportunity to enact real change

Alongside the ECNet chair, there are a further three elected graduate members (GMICE) who sit on council.

They give graduate ICE members the opportunity to help shape decisions within the ICE, such as the recent introduction of graduate voting rights.

Early careers members are the future of the industry, and having a say in conversations from the beginning gives us the opportunity to enact real change.

3. Advocating for the views of our peers

Graduate members on council also advocate for the views of their peers, contribute to the issues that matter to them, and join discussions about the future of the ICE and wider industry.

They facilitate the important relationship between graduate members, ECNet and the council, representing the view of GMICE members to the Trustee Board.

4. Acting as a link between members and ICE Council

Graduate members on council are an integral part of ECNet because they act as a conduit between members around the globe and the ICE Council.

Their input into ECNet meetings is vital and gives the committee insight to the thinking of the council.

It allows us to see how early careers members can best give their perspective on key problems in the industry.

Through this, the graduate members on council are able to flag issues that are particularly affecting the early careers members of the institution.

5. Developing your career in your key interests

Being part of council is great for personal and professional development.

But it also gives you the opportunity to focus on what you’re passionate about.

Current graduate members on council have had the chance to join Community Advisory Boards (CABs) aligned to areas of particular interest, developing their own knowledge and ability in these fields.

A unique opportunity

Becoming a graduate member on council is a huge accolade.

It gives you the unique opportunity to represent your peers and interact with key stakeholders and subject matter experts from across the industry.

Across the three-year term there’s the possibility to witness tangible changes within the ICE as it adapts and changes to the needs of its members – which are only made apparent through roles such as the graduate members on council!

Get involved!

It’s vitally important that we continue to advocate for the involvement of early careers members in conversations at the highest level in the ICE.

You can play a pivotal role in this by running to be the newest graduate member on council.

The nomination period closes on 31 March 2023, so act quickly to make the most of this opportunity!

Let’s make sure that the voice of early careers members continues to be heard.

Nominate yourself
  • Ruth Marsden, Early Careers Network chair at Institution of Civil Engineers