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ICE President sets out facts at Chartered Infrastructure Engineer discussion

18 June 2021

An opportunity for members to discuss the proposal to introduce a new protected title.

ICE President sets out facts at Chartered Infrastructure Engineer discussion

ICE President Rachel Skinner hosted an online discussion about the institution adopting an additional professional qualification title, Chartered Infrastructure Engineer, to answer questions submitted by members.

The event was held as the first in a series of activities to share more information about the proposals, leading up to a membership ballot in February 2022, at which a final decision will be made.

It is crucial that all members understand the proposals, which all relate to broadening and diversifying our professional membership to meet future needs.

Watch the event in full:

The proposal, already supported by the ICE’s Council and Trustee Board, and agreed in principle by the Privy Council and Engineering Council, is to create a new, natural home to qualify and assure the competence of the many thousands of people who are highly experienced and working in today’s infrastructure sectors, many of them in responsible and senior roles, but who have backgrounds and expertise that lie beyond the traditional civil engineering skillset.

Also present as speakers were ICE Director General Nick Baveystock and ICE Director of Membership Séan Harris, who were on hand to assist with answering questions on technical aspects of the proposal.

A rare opportunity to widen expertise

Commenting on the discussion, Rachel Skinner said: “I was pleased to see some real engagement around the issue and to hear from some of the people who have concerns and questions, but also others who are clear that they would be very keen to follow this new route to professional membership if we were able to offer it. This was an important discussion, but by no means the only opportunity to ask questions, show support or raise concerns.

“Answering questions put to the panel directly by members meant that we could share more of the detail of the proposals. I remain confident that this is a well thought-out proposal to widen our offer to suitably qualified people, who consider themselves infrastructure experts, but who cannot – or do not wish – to follow our existing routes to become chartered civil engineers.

"In my view, this is a crucial and rare opportunity to widen our acknowledged expertise, and to modernise the institution to make sure that we have the right people, skills, and networks to cater for the fast-changing needs of society and future generations.”

The next event in this series will be held on 14 September 2021.

  • Simon Barney, head of communications at ICE