Response to COVID-19

The spread of Covid-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, is an exceptional circumstance with ongoing ramifications for organisations, individuals and society on every level.

ICE will endeavour to keep you up-to-date as the situation develops.

Latest news

We are working hard to ensure that the institution minimises the risk from coronavirus as far as is possible.

We strongly advise members to keep themselves up-to-date on the latest travel and health advice from their relevant governments.

The latest UK advice can be found on the website.

For our international members, we recommend that you seek out advice for your specific country.

The World Health Organisation website also has a running update on the situation.

Services that are currently affected

As the situation continues to develop and change, some of our services will be affected.

One Great George Street and ICE offices

One Great George Street is open in a limited capacity for five days per week, to ICE members and members of staff.

Most ICE Group staff continue to work from home and this will continue until further notice as we continue to monitor government advice, although a limited number of desks have been made available for staff who are having difficulty working from home and have no other alternative.

As of 21 June 2021, members will no longer need to show a negative lateral flow test to visit OGGS.

However, as part of our continuing efforts to maintain OGGS as a secure and Covid-safe building, until rules are relaxed, all ICE staff and staff from The Russell Group will need to show evidence on arrival at OGGS reception of a negative ‘lateral flow test’, taken in the 24 hours before their first visit of the week.

If you are visiting OGGS on more than one occasion in a particular week, you will only need to show one negative result for that week. However you will need to show this result each time you attend. This should be done alongside hand sanitising and ‘checking-in’ using the dedicated building NHS QR code or by giving contact details to the security team.

The purpose of lateral flow testing is to identify and monitor asymptomatic cases of Covid-19. They should not be used if you are showing any of the known Covid-19 symptoms; in this case, you should not attend site and should arrange for a PCR test.

Lateral flow tests can be obtained from most pharmacies at no cost or they can be ordered online from the dedicated government website Delivery takes 1-2 days. Once you have obtained the test kits, you should take the test at home in the 24 hours prior to your first visit of that week. For clarity, we will define the working week as Monday-Friday, so the earliest you are able to do a test is the Sunday before the start of the week should you intend to visit OGGS on the Monday.

Test kits contain full advice on preparing, taking, and recording the test. Tests take approx. 15 minutes to prepare and the result usually appears after 30 minutes. Once you have received your result, you must then record the result in one of three ways. Every test, regardless of the result should be logged.

You will then either receive a notification (from the QR code), an email (from the weblink) or a text (from the phone report) confirming your test result. Any one of these three can be used as evidence of a negative test. This evidence should be brought with you to show security staff each time you attend OGGS for that week.

If you receive a positive test result, you should not attend OGGS. As per the current government guidance, you should arrange a PCR test as soon as is practical and self-isolate until your PCR result is confirmed.

Lateral flow testing will remain in force at OGGS until such time as all legal social contact rules are relaxed or guidance changes. It is intended as an additional layer of safety and does not replace current Covid-19 restrictions on site, such as social distancing, wearing of face coverings and hand washing/sanitising.

One Great George Street is now open for bookings, although some restrictions may still apply.

The Café Bar will be reopening on Monday 4 October.

It will now be open from 8am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday and will offer a reduced menu from when we closed in 2020.

We appreciate your cooperation as we endeavour to ensure the safety of all visitors and members of staff.

ICE-hosted events

We are not introducing any steps beyond those advised by the UK government. This means all ICE events have now been either cancelled or are being held remotely.

If you are due to attend an ICE event, please make sure you are in regular contact with the event organiser to make sure you have the most up to date information.

All of our events are now being hosted online.

Membership applications and professional qualifications

Applications for membership and professional qualifications (including academic base and IPD assessments) continue as normal, while interviews for professional reviews and apprenticeship end-point assessments are mostly being conducted online via MS Teams.

Please reach out to your existing ICE contact if you have questions or concerns about an application or training agreement that is in progress, or contact [email protected] for any other membership enquiries.

Library services

All library services are running as normal. Find out more about our Library services.

NEC Contracts

Queries have been raised about how to deal with the impact on NEC contracts that may be caused by the prevention and containment measures being instigated to control the spread of the coronavirus. This note is aimed at explaining the ways in which the NEC4 contracts deal with this matter. The guidance is given in relation to the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), but similar actions apply under the other NEC contracts. This advice is given in relation to the standard wording in NEC4 contracts. If modifications have been made, the contract should be reviewed to check whether the guidance given here still applies.

Peter Higgins, NEC4 Contract Board Chair follows up his guidance document on the effect of Covid-19 on the construction sector and answers pressing questions from NEC clients and customers, on video below.


External and membership communications update

01 October 2021