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Enabling Better Infrastructure

The Enabling Better Infrastructure (EBI) programme, convened by the ICE, brings together independent specialists with deep, wide-ranging experience to support governments in putting best practice principles for strengthening strategic infrastructure planning into practice.

22 July 2024

What is the Enabling Better Infrastructure (EBI) programme? The EBI programme helps governments around the world to identify and deliver on their country’s infrastructure needs so that their people and the planet can thrive. In doing so, it helps ensure that current and future populations have acces…

08 July 2024

We show how Canada’s methodology for its first infrastructure assessment embodies Enabling Better Infrastructure principles through its iterative approach to decision-making. 

03 January 2024

During the past two weeks, the ICE has put a significant amount of effort into launching its new Enabling Better Infrastructure programme around the world. To date there have been seven separate launch events in five different continents. Here I examine the detail behind the key aims of the programm…

23 September 2022

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