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Mental health

We all know that exercise is good for our physical health – but what are the benefits of exercise on our mental wellbeing?

17 July 2024

This masterclass will explore mental health and wellbeing and the implications this has on managing people. It is aimed at those with responsibility for two or more employees.

25 June 2024

In this session, mental health trainer Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz will draw from his extensive experience to provide valuable insights and tools for encouraging men to open up about their needs and mental health.

15 May 2024

Constructing Mindsets provides an open and authentic platform for discussing mental health in the construction industry. Join our two speakers who will explore how we can remove stigma, provide support and create a movement for change that puts our mental health first.

14 September 2020

This Movember we take a look at men’s health and how you can optimise your health.

19 November 2024

The 2020 ICE/Costain annual Health & Safety Prestige Lecture will focus on the mental health & wellbeing of our workforce; ourselves; and providing leadership in our new world of work.

24 November 2020

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