Help inspire the next generation of civil engineers

We need you to tell students about civil engineering as a career

There aren't enough engineers to go around so it's vital that experienced civil engineers, parents and teachers help to inspire and encourage children and young people to think about engineering as a career.

We have a wide range of educational materials that you can take into the classroom or show to students including:

  • Hands-on group activities for everyone to join in with
  • Presentations with lots of photos
  • Posters
  • Handouts

If you have an engineering background why not sign up to be one of our local ICE Ambassadors? Details below.

Educational resources

If you’re an engineer going into a school, college or youth group to talk about civil engineering, or a teacher or parent looking for careers information, then we have plenty of resources you can use – from presentations to activity plans and leaflets. Either to download or order.

Primary school

5- 10 years

Secondary school - lower years

11-14 years

College and upper secondary school

15-18 years

ICE Ambassador Gillian Steele

Become an ICE Ambassador

Our Ambassadors go into schools, colleges and unis to talk about civil engineering. They bring to life what civil engineering is to inspire young people to take up engineering as a career.

An ICE Ambassador...

  • Explains to students what civil engineering is
  • Talks about their life and experiences as a civil engineer
  • Answers questions, runs activities, shows how to become an engineer

Don’t worry, we offer support, training and loads of resources you can take with you.


I find working with young people extremely rewarding. As an industry there is so much we can do to support young people in our local communities and to benefit ourselves through recruiting the next generation of bright young engineers to work with.

Sakthy Selvakumaran

ICE Ambassador

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