ICE People's Choice Award 2017

Your favourite engineering project in the UK

The Penzance Jubilee Pool restoration is the winner of the 2017 People’s Choice Award 2017, voted by the general public as their favourite civil engineering project.

Read more about this project and explore the other 11 project entries from across the UK by clicking on the map below.

2018 People’s Choice Award

The voting for next year’s award will start in September 2018 and for the first time will be open to international entries as part of ICE’s 200th anniversary celebration.

You can also follow the award on Twitter #ICEPeoplesChoice.

  • East Midlands Airport Runway refurbishment

    East Midlands Airport Runway refurbishment

    Project location: Castle Donnington, UK
    Cost: £15m

    Resurface 150,000sqm of airport runway with the minimum amount of disruption at weekends.

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  • Broadland flood alleviation

    Broadland flood alleviation

    Project location: Norfolk, UK
    Cost: £117.6m over 20 years

    This 20 year project covers 30,000 hectares of environmentally and economically sensitive land in the east of England.

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  • London Bridge Station redevelopment

    London Bridge Station redevelopment

    Project location: London,UK
    Cost: £1bn

    Significantly upgrade this key London transport hub while maintaining normal customer service.

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  • A1 Coal House to Metro Centre improvements

    A1 Coal House to Metro Centre improvements

    Project location: Newcastle, UK
    Cost: £56m

    Add more lanes to a congested 6km trunk road without stopping the normal traffic flow.

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  • Connswater Community Greenway

    Connswater Community Greenway

    Project location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Cost: £40m

    Combine and deliver a major flood protection scheme and 9km of parkland at the same time.

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  • Liverpool 2 container dock

    Liverpool 2 container dock

    Project location: Liverpool, UK
    Cost: £400m

    Liverpool2 is one of the UK's largest private sector infrastructure projects, developed in response to changing patterns and shipping trends towards the use of 'mega' ocean-going container ships.

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  • M8, M73 and M74 motorway improvements

    M8, M73 and M74 motorway improvements

    Project location: Scotland
    Cost: £500m

    Implement a package of major motorway upgrades stretching right across central Scotland.

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  • Portsmouth hard interchange redevelopment

    Portsmouth hard interchange redevelopment

    Project location: Portsmouth, UK
    Cost: £9.2m

    Create a new transport hub to help millions of visitors get to the historic attractions in the area.

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  • Penzance Jubilee Pool restoration

    Penzance Jubilee Pool restoration

    Project location: UK
    Cost: £3m

    Breathe life back into a public swimming pool without compromising its period feel.

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  • Colwyn Bay Waterfront

    Colwyn Bay Waterfront

    Project location: Wales
    Cost: £7.5m

    Improve coastal defences and at same time regenerate Victorian promenade area.

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  • Jackfield stabilisation

    Jackfield stabilisation

    Project location: Shropshire, UK
    Cost: £8m

    At a World Heritage site stabilise the land and improve transport links without clogging up the river.

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  • A160 Port of Immingham improvements

    A160 Port of Immingham improvements

    Project location: Immingham, UK
    Cost: £93.3m

    Increase road capacity to provide better, less congested access to the port.

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