London Bridge Station redevelopment


Duration:6 years


Country: London,UK

What did this project achieve?


Upgrade this key London station while maintaining normal customer service

The London Bridge Station redevelopment (LBSR) project transforms the existing station to ensure its suitability as one of the UK’s landmark infrastructure interchanges for years to come.

The station combines eye-catching, contemporary architecture and a spatially efficient station, answering both future proofing and heritage demands.

How we transformed one of London’s busiest stations - keeping the trains running throughout

Project achievements and benefits

New platforms increase both passenger and rail capacity by 40% above a new concourse the size of Wembley football stadium.

The work has been done while maintaining the operation of the UK’s 4th busiest station – 56 million passengers pass through it annually.

Network Rail, contractors Costain and supply chain are collaboratively ensuring that not only does the project create a lasting legacy for the capital and surrounding areas but that it is delivered in a way that sets a blueprint for the delivery of major complex projects.

During the construction process innovative efficiencies were made wherever possible – modular platform and canopy structures for speed and ease of delivery, prefabricated steel reinforcement and bespoke reusable formwork (bridge deck sub-structures) and precast heritage facades.

Partnerships have been developed with local employment agencies to provide training opportunities to over 200 unemployed residents, of which 62 have taken full time employment at LBSR.

There have also been many charity outreach projects carried out by the station to help local businesses.

Environmental focus

The LBSR project has:

  • Identified over 13% of carbon reductions via a combination of low and zero carbon technologies and other energy efficiency measures
  • Achieved a diversion of site waste from landfill rate of more than 98%
  • 24/7, continues to operate successfully under strict constraints that include consideration of residential buildings in close proximity to site boundaries
  • Produced 40 sustainability best practices – shared around Costain and the wider rail industry
  • Won both a Green Apple Award and a Costain Carbon Award
  • An occupational nurse on site full time who undertakes medical screening and advice, available to everyone working on the project

We have one of the safest sites in the construction industry. Our focus this year will be how we take personal responsibility in making the right choices that result in safe behaviours and also to challenge our colleagues to the same. Always consider what could go wrong. Be safe because you want to.

James Elford

Project Director

Fascinating facts

8.5 million hours worked over an 18 month period up to the August 2016 with no accidents.

All project milestones have been met without any impact to the travelling public.

The core project team has had a low turnover of staff while at the same time developing and promoting from within over the programme.

People who made it happen

  • Contractor: Costain Group plc

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